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FIELD HOCKEY: Eagles Top Highly Ranked Syracuse On Perfect Shooting Display

For The Heights

Published: Monday, September 23, 2013

Updated: Monday, September 23, 2013 01:09


Emily Fahey / Heights Staff

The Boston College field hockey team defied the odds Friday afternoon as the Eagles took down No. 5 Syracuse, 6-3. 

The Eagles welcomed Syracuse to the ACC (formerly members of the Big East), singing the National Anthem, hands with hands joined. The line-ups were read, hands shook, and the battle between the two highly ranked ACC teams began.

Fast chatter among the BC players set the tone early on. While BC stood strong defensively, there was no denying the strong stick skills, accurate passes, and quick pace of the Syracuse team—the Orange managed to score within the first five minutes of play off a corner shot. 

BC fought back almost instantaneously, though, as Ashleigh Sebia pushed it in just two minutes after Syracuse took the initial lead. This set the pace for the BC offense on: quick and aggressive.

Syracuse responded with a goal just minutes after, as Emma Russel tipped the ball in on Settipane’s goal—this was Russel’s first of two goals for the evening. 

After volleying back and forth between the Eagles and Syracuse, one would have thought that the constant give and take would characterize the 70-minute game ahead of them. And they would be wrong. 

While the score read 2-1, it was clear that Syracuse spent much of the first 20 minutes meddling on BC’s end of the field.  All that changed, however, when freshman Brittany Sheenan took the field. Almost immediately after her arrival, the Eagles scored with a goal from senior forward, Virgynia Muma. 

Further asserting her effectiveness on the field, Sheenan scored a goal of her own, just two minutes after she entered the game. The goal was back-to-backed by senior forward Chapin Duke, as she scored yet another goal—three goals within nearly four minutes put the score at 4-2 in the Eagle’s favor.

As if they had not dominated the field enough already, BC’s offense scored yet another goal with just seven minutes left in the half, this time thanks to freshman Eryn McCoy. She was assisted by Paige Norris and Emma Plasteras. 

BC ended the half up 5-2, sending the Syracuse Orange into halftime beaten down by a hard 35 minutes of Eagle offense. While the Orange was ranked 12 spots above BC in national rankings, BC welcomed Syracuse to Newton with aggressive style.

Just when it appeared the game would end with a scoreless second half, the BC Eagles scored on a stroke shot by Sarah Hospodar. She faced the goalie one-to-one, and shot it clear into the goal of Syracuse’s Jess Jecko. 

Besides the one goal for BC on a stroke shot, the second half proved to be fairly uneventful for both teams. The Orange was shut down by the Eagle defense, unable to answer the three-point BC lead. 

The final score was 6-3 in BC’s favor. The Eagles defeated fifth-ranked Syracuse at home, a win critical for their future standings throughout the year. 

While the win was monumental for the BC field hockey team, Lamb explained its further significance as they “set a very good standard for BC field hockey,” but more importantly, “a repeatable standard.” 

“[The team’s] motto is 25 strong,” Lamb said. “There’s no question twenty-five athletes won this game today.”

Next, the Eagles face Providence on Sunday—a challenge coach Lamb addressed.

“It’s probably the hardest thing to do, when you play a Friday-Sunday schedule, choosing what game you’re going to prepare for in practice,” Lamb said of this weekend’s schedule for the team. 

Lamb is confident that her team can determine the outcome of its games. 

“Our motto for this year, what we’ve really tried to focus on, is how we wanted to outlet and we wanted to press. So the benefits of that is we can apply that in the Syracuse game, and we can also apply that in the Providence game.” 

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