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Get To Know: Two Of BC's Junior Defensemen

Heights Editor

Published: Thursday, October 13, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

The Heights: What's the team's outlook for this year?

Patrick Wey: This year is different than the past two I have been here because we don't have such a strong core class coming back. There are a lot of young, new guys, so it should be a challenge for us. That being said, everyone is excited and has been working hard to make this a special year.

Patch Alber: This year we have a lot more freshmen, and kind of similar to when we were freshmen, there are nine or 10 guys coming in who are new. There is a nice balance between young and old, so the older guys are able to mentor the younger guys and bring them along. We lost a lot of guys, but there a lot of players looking to step up and bring their game to an elevated level.

The Heights: Defensively, a lot of you guys are back. Are you the main leaders of this team now?

Alber: For us, as juniors, it's important to solidify ourselves on the team and start to advance our leadership roles looking into the future, as well as trying to help mentor the younger kids this year.

Wey: Specifically within the d-core, we all are close and have been together, most of us, for at least two years. So we all push each other and we are more of a cohesive unit than just one top guy leading everyone else.

The Heights: Will the defensive strategy change without the scorers from last year?

Wey: I still think we are going to try to utilize our speed and definitely keep up the pressure in the defensive zone. It's easier to play defense that way. I don't think there are too many system changes, more just personnel changes.

Alber: We are going to stay the course and use the system that has given us the most success over the past few years. The defensive system that we use works. This year,  because we have some younger guys up front, we might get leaned on a little bit more at the beginning of the year, but we will be able to bend without breaking and use our experience to push the puck up the ice and get it to our forwards.

The Heights: What's the game you are most looking forward to this season, besides BU?

Alber: There's a couple this year that are always exciting. At the Great Lakes Invitational, when we play Michigan. I grew up watching Michigan on TV, so obviously that's big. For me, Yale is going to be a really exciting one, too. I always saw Yale play when I watched RPI games growing up, so that's a big one for me with the family connection.

Wey: I just like any of the rinks that have ridiculous crowds that are always yelling and chirping at you. I like playing at Maine, UNH. We have a lot of big ones.

The Heights: What's your favorite part of playing defense?

Alber: The bond that all of us have from the back end. During the year, when you are on the road, you get split up between the forwards and the defense, so we are all kind of together. Three of us live together, and five of us have played together for two straight years. The cohesiveness of our group, and just how good of friends we all are, makes it great to be a part of.

Wey: Yeah, we have a really great cohesive group. It's a fun group of guys. A lot of the funnier people on the team are on the d-core, and we are a tight-knit group.

The Heights: Thoughts on Notre Dame in Hockey East?

Wey: That's a great thing. They are a really great team, and despite the fact that you are going to have to travel all the way out there, which is kind of a long trip, it's going to be awesome to get another good team involved in the hunt.

Alber: It's exciting for us. Bringing another good team to the conference never hurts. They just got a brand new rink, too, so there's no other way to look at it other than as a positive for everybody.

The Heights: If you score, what will your celebration be?

Wey: I won't have one planned, since I only have one collegiate goal. I'll just be overjoyed.

Alber: I had two tough ones last year, so I'm just going to practice a little bit.

Wey: Yeah, you should actually practice.

Alber: Haha, yeah, I do need to practice. Probably nothing too crazy, but they have to be better than last year.

The Heights: What's your favorite food at BC?

Alber: Chicken pot pies at Mac. Unbelievable.

Wey: I like in the morning, the ham and cheese croissants. They are hard to come by, but if you get up early like I do, you can usually scrounge around for them.

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