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Jackson Declares For Draft, Hasn’t Hired Agent

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Published: Thursday, March 31, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


Alex Trautwig / Heights Editor

Reggie Jackson had until 11:59 p.m. on April 24 to declare for the 2011 NBA draft. As of Tuesday, he said he had not made up his mind. But on Wednesday afternoon, Jackson made his decision: The junior has declared for the 2011 NBA draft.

He has not hired an agent, meaning he reserves the right to withdraw his name from the draft, and could potentially come back to Boston College. Jackson now has until May 8 to make that final decision

"It was just about getting all the facts," Jackson said over the phone last night. "I met with Coach and talked about it [before making the decision]."

As for his decision not to hire an agent, Jackson said he was playing it safe by doing so.

"You never know what could happen," he said. Jackson also talked about how he wants to gauge where he stands on draft boards before he fully commits. "I could be mid to late first round or slip into the second round. That's what I've been hearing."

Jackson said he will continue to meet with people to talk about his prospects in the coming weeks. His goal is to be drafted in the first round so that he will receive a guaranteed contract.

"I'm hoping to move my way up," Jackson said. "I want to keep working my way up."

As of right now, Jackson has not met with any NBA teams, but that is "something [he'll] be doing and focused on" once the Final Four is completed this weekend.

"Right now, I'm just going to be a fan and enjoy this weekend," he said. Once the Final Four is over, then NBA teams will start holding workouts for prospects like Jackson.

Jackson is currently ranked as No. 23 on ESPN analyst Chad Forde's Big Board of NBA prospects.

In an interview on Tuesday, Jackson was non-committal about his decision, saying he was taking it "day by day." But after another meeting with head coach Steve Donahue and talking with past coaches, Jackson finally made his move.

Next year's team could have a completely different look. Seven seniors will definitely be departing, while John Cahill, also a senior, has yet to announce whether he will be coming back to play as a graduate student. Even if Cahill does come back, there could potentially (at best) be six returning players from last year's team: Cahill, Jackson, Dallas Elmore, Gabe Moton, Danny Rubin, and Peter Rehnquist. Matt Humphrey, a junior transfer from Oregon who had to sit out last season, will also be on the team. Six incoming freshmen will push the roster to 13 players. But that's if everybody comes back.

The future of the basketball programs now stands at an unclear crossroads, as it is possible that besides Rehnquist and Humphrey, the team could be made up entirely of freshmen and sophomores. This is because there are rumors circulating around campus that Dallas Elmore may be transferring. This move would make more sense if Jackson stays on track for the NBA, as Elmore would be the lone upperclassman left on the roster. Or, it's possible that Elmore transferring could have influenced Jackson's decision to declare for the draft.

"I don't know what's supposed to get out, so I guess that's disclosed right now," Jackson said on Tuesday of the Elmore rumor. "Whatever everybody decides to do, I wish them the best. It's more than basketball. Dallas, I love the kid, I don't know what's on his mind or what he's going through right now. I hear just like everyone else. Me and him will probably talk later this week and see where his mind's at and what he's dealing with."

If Jackson stays on his track to the NBA, he will leave the school as the 25th all-time scorer, with 1,254 points. This year, he earned All-ACC first-team honors, and recently attained Associated Press All-America honorable mention honors. He finished fourth in the ACC in scoring, averaging 18.1 points per game in conference match-ups. Jackson did, however, suffer through a midseason shooting slump, possibly due to his early success.

"I started getting in a groove, and believing I guess that I was a better three-point shooter than maybe I am," Jackson said. "I started thinking I was up there with the J.J. Reddicks [laughing]. I got a little bizarre and out of control.

"People started focusing, watching film, knowing that I was falling in love with the three-point shot. Coach took me aside and we watched film day after day to really get back into an attack mode and really making my first dribble a purpose to go somewhere and I started getting to the basket. You hit a few shots, they start going in, and you start feeling a little more confident, the basket seems a little bigger, and your shots start to drop.

"That slump kind of sucked. It sucked very much and it came at a bad time, especially against the top three teams in our conference. I believe Coach did a great job of pulling me aside and getting me back into the groove of things."

Before Jackson declared for the draft yesterday, he had given his thoughts on next year's team.

"The season is what you make it, what you believe you can do," Jackson said. "We have Matt Humphrey, he transferred, he's been through a battle, gone through the practices. Gabe Moton and Danny Rubin had to grow up quickly for the roles they had on this team."

"I've seen a few of the freshmen. Unfortunately I haven't seen them all, but they have ability.

"Whoever's here, you're gonna have to build up the freshmen's confidence. They're really gonna have to be hungry about it and they're gonna have to believe that they can play. That's what it's all about. That's what it's going to take for Boston College to be successful next year."

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