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Support group for addicts fills campus void

The Heights commends those brave enough to come forward and encourages peer support

Published: Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


This fall, Boston College’s Office of Health Promotion and the Alcohol and Drug Education (ADE) Program are starting a support group for students on campus who are in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions. Like many schools nationwide, BC is launching this initiative with hopes of creating a supportive and welcoming environment for students who are in recovery or have a desire to reach out to someone. 
The Heights is overwhelmingly in support of this effort, as we feel the program is filling a long-standing need on campus. Alcoholism and drug abuse are growing issues on college campuses, and we applaud BC’s decision to take serious action on this front.
Unfortunately, college campuses are not the most sympathetic environments for students struggling with drugs or alcohol, causing many to choose not to come forward. The Heights applauds those students who do come forward and who are brave enough to recognize their need to take part in the recovery program.
The ultimate goal of the program is to unite the community and create a network for students who want or need peer support. Therefore, we strongly encourage friends and roommates to respect the decision their peers may be making to take part in this program, and help them find comfort and solidarity on BC’s campus. 
Finally, The Heights would like to remind students that the support group is not limited to students who are already in recovery, but is open to anyone who wants to talk to a familiar face, rather than a counselor or an RA, about the problems they may be experiencing with drugs and alcohol. The appeal of these support groups is that they are peer-facilitated, where students work to provide an outlet for their fellow classmates.  

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