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This Halloween, dress with respect

Published: Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


As the double Hallo-weekend nears, The Heights would like to echo the sentiment behind UGBC’s Dress with Respect campaign and encourage students to consider the message they may be sending with certain Halloween costumes. The campaign, a collaboration between the AHANA Leadership Council, the GLBTQ Leadership Council, and the UGBC Cabinet is designed to steer students away from costumes that might offend their peers based on race, religion, or sexual orientation. Rather than telling students what not to wear, the ultimate goal of the campaign is to get students thinking about the potential repercussions of their costume decisions.
The Heights applauds the approach the Dress with Respect campaign is taking by placing the responsibility on students themselves to determine if a costume is offensive or not. The organizers have chosen not to tell people what to wear and what not to wear because ultimately it’s just about using one’s sensibility. We hope students will think about their actions, and have conversations with their friends. If students are questioning whether their costumes might be offensive, we suggest getting someone else’s opinion, maybe even someone outside their friend group. We wholeheartedly urge students to have these kinds of productive discussions because they can usually open one’s eyes to a different perspective.
To those who may be offended for any reason this Halloween season, The Heights would like to remind them that more often than not, the intentions of fellow students were not malicious, but perhaps just ignorant. Therefore, it is the job of the offended to speak up and let people know what’s wrong with their costume and why it’s offensive. The truth is that some students might not have any idea they were being distasteful, and if they did know, they would be upset.
Take a minute to have an honest conversation this Halloween, remember to consider your costume from a different perspective, and finally, pledge to respect.

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