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This Marathon Monday, respect tradition

While celebrating, realize that actions could have an impact on the day itself

Published: Thursday, April 12, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


This Monday, Boston College celebrates its most famed and spirited tradition: Patriots’ Day. A holiday that every BC student and alumnus discusses with the zestiest passion, Marathon Monday has long been the beloved highlight of each school year.
The Heights would like to remind all students to take precautions regarding their behavior. As always, security will be increasingly prominent in and around campus. Any inappropriate behavior on behalf of a BC student could result in repercussions, harming both yourself and the reputation of the school.

Yet, it is not just our personal and institutional status that are at risk with improper actions, but the tradition itself. As we have all seen through the cancellation of the Fall Concert, the administration has begun cracking down on situations that could possibly cast the school in an unflattering light. No one wants the atmosphere of Marathon Monday to be hampered by increased restrictions or bans due to negative events that might occur on the 16th. The Heights urges all students to be smart, safe, and most of all,  respectful.

 Lastly, we congratulate those students running in the marathon this year. Whether it is for personal pride or charity, it is quite the admirable feat. Everyone should acknowledge the tireless effort these students are putting forth, and also wish them good luck as they run 26.2 miles on Monday. 

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