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Ticket Prices Raised For Next Academic Year

Athletics Will Provide $40 Superfan Discount

Heights Editor

Published: Thursday, May 3, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


Daniel Lee / Heights Editor

The Boston College Athletic Department announced recently that there will be changes to the prices of student season tickets next season for football, men’s basketball, and men’s ice hockey.

A Superfan package, which has not been offered since 2000, will be reinstated and can now be purchased by students for next season. The package will provide students with season tickets to all three revenue sports with a $40 discount from the price of buying the three packages individually. The addition of this new package, as well as retaining the ability to purchase these tickets through a student’s online account on Agora, is seen as a major positive by the Athletic Department, especially for BC’s most avid student sports fans.

“We’ve done the three sport packages in the past,” said Jamie DiLoreto, associate athletics director of external operations. “I’ve been here at BC for 20 years and from ’93 up to around 2000 we always gave an option to bill tickets to the student account and choose the three sport package. We really feel as though we want to reward our most loyal supporters of athletics and provide that opportunity with the discount. Our goal was to take a look at that and ask, ‘How do we create a Superfan package that covers all three sports?’ and our goal there would be that we can provide a discount to our most loyal supporters.”
In addition to the new Superfan package, prices for football and men’s ice hockey have also increased slightly. Football prices have been raised from $120 last season to $125 for this upcoming year, and hockey prices have been raised from $90 last season to $100 this upcoming year.

“I think it depends on year to year—number of games we have, that’s a big thing,” DiLoreto said about the price increases. “There’s an increase to the number of hockey games we’re looking at as a part of the home package. For football, we hadn’t adjusted the prices in a number of years. So when you look at the discounts of what students get versus the public, the student section is in E all the way through J. You’re looking at a $300 seat all the way down to a $180 seat, depending on when they arrive to the game, so it’s a significant discount, obviously. The $5 increase was just an adjustment for us from the standpoint that it hasn’t been raised in a while and a great home schedule this year too.”
The home football schedule for next year includes high-profile games such as Miami, Clemson, Notre Dame, and Virginia Tech. One reason for the increase in prices for ice hockey season tickets is an expectation for more home hockey games next season compared to last.

“I think we’re looking at that right now, we’re still confirming it because the Hockey East schedule still needs to be worked out and so forth, but I think we are going to look at more games,” DiLoreto said. “It just depends on when they fall, and that’s one of our challenges of setting the pricing, and then waiting for the commitment of the schedule, but what we are looking at it looks like there will be more games, but then again it depends on student breaks too and when those games fall.”
Besides the Athletic Department, the UGBC also played a role in the changes to the system in order to make games more accessible and appealing to students.

“We’re continuing dialogue with UGBC,” said DiLoreto. “We’re actually reviewing ACC processes for students right now. Our stage is exploratory and looking at all options. Every time we look at guidelines and procedures relative to students, we want to include UGBC and the athletic reps. We’ve collected information on all 12 ACC schools, and whatever we do wouldn’t be for 2012-2013 because we’re already committed for that year, it would be for 2013-2014 and we want to have dialogues about what improvements we want to make. There have been other discussions­—­whether it be rewards programs, club—those kinds of things are all being talked about.”
Rewards programs or club seating could happen as early as next year.

“We may have tweaks or additions in regards to rewards systems for clubs [for next year],” DiLoreto said. “We still have time before students return back to campus, and these wouldn’t be new since we’ve had a rewards program in the past. It’s a matter of how effective they are and we need to evaluate everything and see how effective it is. From our standpoint though, we do feel like billing it to the student account is where we are really pushing it to promote.”
Changes such as a paperless ticket system involving a student’s Eagle-One card are still a possibility in years to come.

“We’re looking at it still,” DiLoreto said. “That’s a 2013-2014 thing. It wouldn’t be a commitment for this upcoming fall. We’re continuing to work with the company on what options are available relative to being integrated to our current system, which is separate from our ticketing system.”

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