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$uccessful Start Program teaches financial literacy

The Heights urges students to attend the program's workshops and peer mentoring session

Published: Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01


For many students not enrolled in the Carroll School of Management, budgeting and managing debt may seem like daunting tasks. Fortunately, the answer to one’s prayers is closer than one might think. That answer comes in the form of $uccessful Start, the sadly underutilized financial literacy program on campus. The goal of the $uccessful Start program is to prepare Boston College students to be financially literate for their lifetime through a series of workshops and a peer mentoring program. Each semester, $uccessful Start hosts workshops, led by BC employees, professors, and expert guest speakers, related to many aspects of personal financial management. With workshop topics ranging from budgeting to credit management to student loan repayment, $uccessful Start is an invaluable resource—and one that we think students should better employ.
In addition to their workshops, $uccessful Start also sponsors the Peer Money Mentor program, which offers students one-on-one guidance through the world of personal financial management. Peer money mentors are perfect for students looking for more individualized information or those who would like additional help beyond what their workshops offer.
If students are looking for ways to be more financially savvy, how to get out of credit card debt, how to manage their student loan debts, or simply how to make a realistic budget, $uccessful Start is the place to go. Upon entering the not-so-distant real world, many students have no clue how to budget and no grip on student loan debt. $uccessful Start can help students create reasonable budgets and alleviate the financial stresses students may experience.
The information provided by $uccessful Start is vital. Therefore, The Heights encourages students to take advantage of upcoming $uccessful Start events, in order to learn how to make wise financial decisions for the future.

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