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VOLLEYBALL: BC Looks For Consistent Strides

For The Heights

Published: Friday, September 28, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01

Consistency. If there’s one key to success for the Boston College women’s volleyball team this season, consistency is indisputably it. This Sunday, the Eagles hope to bounce back from a rough weekend on the road as they return to the Heights for a challenging matchup within the ACC.

Last weekend’s losses to Georgia Tech and Clemson have put the Eagles in a tough position this week, but head coach Chris Campbell believes the team is ready for the next challenge.

“The hallmark of great teams is consistency, being able to do good things repetitively, and right now we do good things, just not quite often enough,” Campbell said.

The major deciding factor in the Virginia Tech game will be to see if all of the Eagles can perform at the level on which they have previously. Katty Workman had a remarkable performance on the road against Clemson and Georgia Tech, where she had 30 kills and a .257 hitting percentage, which were both important factors in her being named as one of the ACC players of the week for the second time this year.

Workman and sophomore Courtney Castle have orchestrated the bulk of the offense this season, and could prove to be a solid threat to the Hokies.

“Certainly Castle has also done very well this year, she’s been pretty consistent,” Campbell said. “She only had an average weekend, but over the span of the season so far she’s done well, so we need offense from her.”
Improvement from the right-siders and middles will also take some of the pressure off of the outside hitters like Workman and Castle. The Eagles struggled with their serves in both games last weekend by either serving too soft or missing altogether, and it proved to be extremely detrimental to their game.

The youthfulness of the squad is also an important factor in the team’s progression throughout this season. With a total of six freshmen and three sophomores, Campbell ascertains that the number of outright wins is not as important as making sure the team develops good habits in games that they can improve on and build upon in the future.

“The exciting thing for us as a staff and a program is that there have been matches where a number of the freshmen have been able to step up and preform, like Franny Hock, Kameron McClain, Workman,” Campbell said. “As freshmen, they go through highs and lows as they relearn the game at a different level of play.”
For the freshmen, as well as the rest of the team, now is the time to tap into that consistency. This will be their first time playing a regular season game in the Power Gym. This weekend will also be a special one for the Eagles, as they will be able to perform in front of family and friends visiting for Parents’ Weekend, which Campbell hopes will put the young squad into a more confident emotional state.

Campbell is also eager for more fans from the student body to attend the home games on the team’s schedule.

“Collegiate volleyball is one of the most exciting spectator sports there is,” he said. “We’ve got some really exciting athletic players who make some exciting athletic plays, and I think any students who show up and see it will realize it’s great entertainment value on campus. I encourage any of the students to show up, and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.”
As for BC’s competition, the Hokies are coming off an impressive weekend during which they played an excruciating five-set loss against Florida State as well as an outright win over Miami. The game against the Seminoles shows just how much power the Hokies have behind them. The Seminoles are No. 15 in the country and are the only ACC team ranked in the Top 25, yet Virginia Tech almost pulled off the upset. The Hokies have shown determination and an aggression that the Eagles will have to shut down early in order to stay competitive in the game.

Yet Campbell still holds a positive outlook on the match.

“They returned more players, they’re real big, real physical and it will definitely be a challenge. But playing at home, the second game of the weekend, I think that if we show up it will be as competitive as any match.”

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