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With departure, comes thanks

In light of Patrick Rombalski's departure, The Heights acknowledges his many accomplishments

Published: Monday, November 5, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


After four years at Boston College, Patrick Rombalski, vice president for student affairs, will be leaving the University over the coming two weeks. The Heights would like to take this time to thank Rombalski for his service to the University.
Rombalski has never been one to shirk responsibility for the needs and concerns of students. During his time as vice president for student affairs, he met often with students from various numerous groups and backgrounds to hear specific problems and work quickly toward solutions. Best exemplified by his weekly Tuesday dinners, each held with a different group of students, Rombalski’s dedication to the students he admires so much never wavered throughout his time here, despite the stresses of his job.
After entering as vice president, Rombalski quickly established a strategic plan during his first year, giving the division of student affairs a direction and purpose. Over the following three years, the majority of those goals have been accomplished. During Rombalski’s time, the division of student affairs has established both the Office of Health Promotion and the Center for Leadership Development. In addition, much of the red tape around registering student organizations has been removed, though plenty still remains. Most importantly, though, are the personal relationships Rombalski developed with students—encouraging them, educating them, advising them, and always looking out for their best interests.
The Heights believes that this concern for students is exactly what makes a good administrator. Although the decisions the administration must make are not always the most popular among students, knowing that there are individuals who truly care about students and their concerns making those decisions makes a vast difference.
Looking to the future, The Heights hopes that the University finds a replacement who continues Rombalski’s dedication to student concerns. In addition, we wish Rombalski well as he continues his career in higher education and attends to personal issues. His engaging, hard-working, and dedicated presence on campus will be sorely missed.

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