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WOMEN'S SOCCER: Fatigued Eagles End In Scoreless Tie With Miami

For The Heights

Published: Sunday, October 21, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 19:01


Graham Beck / Heights Editor

Rather than starting the game with only the National Anthem, yesterday’s women’s soccer game began with honoring the seniors of No. 24 Boston College and a team handshake to celebrate ACC’s Good Sportsmanship Week. This game was the final regular season home game for the departing seniors on the team. Especially after a big win on Thursday against No. 1 Florida State, BC felt in control going into the game.

“I think we put ourselves in a good situation to take care of business,” said head coach Alison Foley. “Clearly having Miami come up here put us in the drivers’ seat and them having multiple kids on red cards [helped us too].”

The Eagles started off slowly against the University of Miami. The game ended in a scoreless tie, as BC was both physically and mentally fatigued from the hard fought game against FSU.

“You see it all the time in athletics, after beating the number one team in the country who hasn’t had a goal scored on them since September 17,” Foley said. “It’s a lot to emotionally get yourself back up, and it’s a lot physically to get yourself back up.”

Both teams started off with a slow first half, with almost no shots on goal for either team. Going into the second half, it was clear that Foley would make some changes to play more aggressively.

“We talked about being so compact to one side,” Foley said. “We needed to change the point of attack, even if we changed it through the centerbacks. We wanted to be able to move the ball around, and I thought we did that a little bit [in the second half] which created a little more opportunities, but I think we got a little spread out from top to bottom. I just don’t think we had it in us to play such a big field today, but there was certainly some fatigue there today, physically and mentally.”

The changes made in the second half caused the midfielders to run back and forth a little more, making them more tired. To counteract this, Foley substituted many different players in and out to get fresh legs on the field. Throughout the second half, both teams continued to struggle with shots on goal, and resulting in a double overtime game. After two periods of overtime and few shots on target, the game ended with a 0-0 tie.

As the ACC tournament draws near, the talk in the locker room has focused around everyone’s expectations and visions for the end of the season. Going into the final regular season game, the Eagles are ranked at No. 24 and have their eyes set on a good seed for the tournament.

“We talk about controlling our own destiny,” Foley said. “We have a feeling that when playing at our best, we can play and beat anybody. Early on we played Stanford, when they were number one, and tied them [at Stanford], which was the first time anyone got a point off of them in a long time. We beat Florida State here, who is number one in the country. In terms in our ability to play and beat teams, we can play with anybody.”

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