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World Of Dance Stomps Through Boston For Annual Competition

Heights Staff

Published: Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 18:01

The World of Dance (WOD) Tour is the largest international urban dance competition, focusing on the art of street dancing and today’s new age choreography. With emphasis on this form of dance expression, the Tour has claimed its global authority on “Urban Dance and the Youth Lifestyle.” The Tour draws thousands of spectators every year to witness the top street dancers from all over the world, as well as selected participants from the cities in which the Tour performs. The Tour integrates clothing, art, fashion, and music aspects into their showcase to create an all around entertainment experience for dancers and spectators alike.

The WOD Tour invaded Boston on Nov. 10. The event was held at the Chevalier Theatre in Medford, presented by Paul Mitchell, and sponsored by Verizon, Monster Energy, and Speck. The WOD event is divided into two parts: the Exhibition and the Competition. The headliners for the Exhibition included: Most Wanted from America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) Season 7, Pharside (America’s Got Talent), Brandon (ABDC Season 6 champion), Phunk Phenomenon (ABDC Season 6), and Rhythm (ABDC Season 4). Thirteen total groups and performers danced in the Exhibition phase of the Tour. Many of these Exhibition dancers were the judges of the Competition Line Up, which featured 18 dance groups predominantly from the Northeast.

Four dance groups from Boston College—AeroK, Synergy, Phaymus Dance, and UPrising—competed in WOD Boston, making BC the most highly represented university at the event. To perform at WOD, dance groups had to send in audition videos and be selected to participate in the competition. Adam Clegg, A&S ’15, a member of UPrising, described WOD as “a display of some of the best talent in the realm of dance. It is an honor and a privilege to dance on the same stage as some of your dance idols—for performers, it is the brilliant culmination of difficult practices, paying attention to detail, dedication to one’s craft, and the opportunity to talk with your body—it is the chance to show the audience how much you love to dance.”

UPrising, one of BC’s newest dance groups, was awarded first place in the cultural category at last year’s ALC showdown. New to BC’s popular dance competition, the group rightly earned their place among BC’s best performers. With their Wizard of Oz-themed “New Age, New Style” moves, UPrising quickly caught the attention and gained the admiration of students across campus last spring. For the WOD competition, UPrising upped their practice schedule from three to five times a week. Although none of the BC dance groups placed within the top three at the WOD Competition, all performed to the best of their ability, representing their university, their dedication to each other, and their love of dance. “We are our biggest critics, so of course there will always be things upon which we can improve. It is truly humbling to perform alongside such dedicated, passionate individuals with the common goal of fostering a sense of family while showing everyone how much we love to dance,” Clegg said.

The Family, the 2012 WOD Toronto champions, took the first place title among the WOD Boston competitors. Florida-based dance group U4RIA took second place, while third place was a tie between Midas Touch (from the Bronx) and New (Age) Dance representing Boston street dance. The WOD Tour will travel to Chicago, Hawaii, New York, and Los Angeles through January. After the New Year, the Tour crosses borders, appearing in Montreal and Belgium. The WOD Tour is quickly making a name for itself as the leader in Urban Style street dance. Their Boston destination only enhanced this image, allowing BC students to show their skills and be recognized among Boston’s best.

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