Another tough loss, but don’t forget wins


The Issue: Saturday’s hockey game caps string of losses

What we think: This year was one of the best ever for BC

The post??? It’s tough to think of a harder way to lose than on a puck clanging off the inside of the left post as the buzzer sounded in Saturday night’s national championship hockey game.

Except perhaps on a goaltending call, as the men’s basketball team did in the Sweet Sixteen—or either of its heart-wrenching two-point losses to Duke.

Or perhaps with four game-tying three point attempts bouncing off the rim in the final minute, which ended the women’s basketball team’s season.

Yes, it’s been a season full of abrupt and heartbreaking endings for Superfans this spring. But don’t toss that maroon-and-gold T-shirt in the trash before looking back on this year. The football team won its sixth bowl game in a row. Women’s soccer and field hockey got to the Sweet 16. The women’s hockey team received its highest ranking ever. And the runs of the men’s hockey and men’s and women’s basketball teams were well-documented. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a school with more overall success than the Eagles this year .

As any good Red Sox fan knows, “There’s always next year” eventually turns into “this year.”

Let’s hope it doesn’t take 86 years.


April 10, 2006

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