Middlemarch Will Have Superhero Theme This Year

The theme for the 38th annual Middlemarch dance was announced last night at 10 p.m. in Conte Forum.

The announcement video showed three O’Connell House managers arguing over the theme, each insisting that Jersey Shore, sports, or PBS was the best idea for a theme before announcing that Middlemarch would be cancelled this year.

After a brief pause during which several students jokingly stood up to leave, the video resumed, showing the managers in superhero costumes. After a montage of clips from The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, and Spiderman, it was clear that this year’s theme will be superheroes.

“There’s a lot of variety with this theme,” said Christopher Georgevich, undergraduate manager and A&S ’13.  “It’s something people would probably like to dress up as.”

This year’s Middlemarch dance will take place on March 23, the same night as the annual 100 Days Dance for seniors, which was postponed from its regular time in mid February this year.

Middlemarch is hosted in the O’Connell House each year and features a theme that attendees must use as inspiration for their costume for the evening. Because of the limited amount of space inside O’Connell House, the only way to obtain a ticket for the event is to be present at the theme announcement to get a scavenger hunt list. The list, which includes questions about BC and O’Connell House managers, must be filled out and returned to the Student Programs Office by Feb. 20.

Past Middlemarch themes have included board games, Harry Potter, and Nickelodeon.


February 15, 2012