Chris And Kudzai Win With 51 Percent Of Vote

Chris Osnato and Kudzai Taziva, both A&S ’13, have won the UGBC presidency for the 2012-2013 academic year. The pair received 50.5 percent of the votes cast.

Vanessa Gomez and Jennifer Wanandi, both A&S ’13, received 243 fewer votes than the Osnato-Taziva vote. In total, 3,745 ballots were cast, amounting to 42 percent of the undergraduate student population.

Osnato and Taziva campaigned under the slogan “Because YOU Matter,” and have worked hard to emphasize their commitment to including every student at Boston College. They stressed the importance of improving academic advising and creating peer-mentoring relationships. They also recognized poor attendance at athletic events, and hope to encourage better participation by incentivizing attendance.

Gomez and Wanandi also recognized the importance of incorporating the typical student into UGBC, and hoped to restructure UGBC to be more transparent. They wanted to increase relationships with administrators and accessiblity for students to their UGBC representatives.

“From the beginning, we’ve tried to make this campaign relevant and important to all students on campus,” Osnato and Taziva said in a statement. “We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to make a difference on this campus and we will do our best to carry out the goals and initiatives outlined in our platform. We commend the efforts of the Gomez-Wanandi team and we hope to work with them in the upcoming year. Thank you Boston College!”

Voter turnout was down from last year, when 3,918 votes were cast. There were 208 voters who submitted ballots without selecting a presidential candidate, comprising 5.5 percent of the total votes.

Senate votes were also tallied and released by the Elections Committee. They are listed below in order of most votes received per grade.

For the class of 2013, Brian Raab, A&S ’13; Constantine Schidlovsky, CSOM ’13; Rory O’Hanlon, A&S ’13; Tim Jablonski, A&S ’13; and Vanessa Gomez, A&S ’13, were all elected. 4,550 votes were cast for the class of 2013 in total.

For the class of 2014, Molly McCarthy, A&S ’14; Ricky Knapp, A&S ’14; Nate Schlein, A&S ’14; Coleman Younger, A&S ’14; and Stephen Wu, A&S ’14, were all elected. 5,609 votes were cast for the class of 2014 in total.

For the class of 2015, Michael Rosella, A&S ’15; Sean McBride, A&S ’15; Brock Menard, CSOM ’15; Jennifer Sidney, CSOM ’15; and Christopher Marchese, LSOE ’15, were all elected. 6,245 votes were cast for the class of 2015 in total.

“On behalf of the Elections Committee, I want to thank all the candidates and their teams for all of their hard work and dedication towards this spring’s elections,” said Pat Gladstone, co-chair of the Elections Committee and A&S ’12. “It is our hope that the candidates elected continue to effect positive change and uphold the responsibilities handed over to them.”

Osnato and Taziva also made a statement to their followers on their Facebook page.

“Your ideas, your experiences, your passions … because you matter. Thank you Boston College!”

February 22, 2012