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Dec. 9 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up

Christmas tree lighting – Well, it’s officially that time of year again. Thanksgiving has come and gone and now it is officially okay to start playing Christmas music. Yes, we know that some people have been playing Christmas music since mid-November, but we at TU/TD firmly believe in waiting until after we give thanks to begin the season of shopping … oops, we meant the season of celebrating the birth of Christ. Here on campus, nothing is more indicative of that time of year than the annual lighting of the Christmas tree in O’Neill Plaza. We are glad to see the festivities of this last week as a sign that, soon enough, classes will come to an end and we will be able to go home for the holidays.


Amazon drone technology – There has been quite a bit of buzz on the interwebs over the past couple of weeks regarding Jeff Bezos’ latest scheme for getting us those knick-knacks and doo-hickeys that we order off of Amazon.com faster than ever before. While it will likely be years before Amazon works the kinks out of its technology, gets approval from the notoriously bureaucratic FAA, and puts its drones in the air, we would like to Thumbs Up all of the potential that lies in the years to come. Pretty soon, when we want a good book delivered to us in 30 minutes for our daily commute, it will be at our door as we are walking out.

Thumbs Down

BC Doors – The doors at BC are sometimes an enigma … wrapped in a mystery, shrouded in a conundrum. Two experiences recently have reinforced in our minds that the doors here seem to have minds of their own. Has anyone else noticed that, from time to time, a few of the front doors on the first floor of McElroy Commons are locked in the middle of the day? When there aren’t many people moving through, it is not that big of a problem. Any time there are a fair number of people, however, it quickly clogs traffic, as people must be diverted to the doors farther from the walk-way in order to enter the building. What we don’t understand is how some of the doors end up unlocked and other don’t. They all use the same key, right? Additionally, we would like to bemoan the right door on the left side from the atrium of Lower into the main cafeteria. It has been consistently locked for the past few weeks. Why, Lower, why?


Three days – Pat Green has a country song titled “Three Days,” in which he sings about living and loving with incredible intensity in the three days he has in front of him. Well, fellow students, we have just three days in front of us … the last days of class. We know, we know, that is much less fun, but just hang in there-afterward we all get two days of respite and then, finals.


Bound 2 – Before everyone gets all up in arms here, we would like it to be known that we are not Thumbs Downing the song “Bound 2.” We here at TU/TD love Yeezus and actually enjoy the song, despite what some might say about it not fitting in with the rest of the album. What we are giving a TD to is the music video. What is really going on there? We’re not quite sure. Kanye’s production is normally top-notch, so it must be an artistic decision, but really, it just comes off poorly. We get it, Kanye, you’re with Kim Kardashian and s really hot, even right after givng birth. But we’re over it.

December 9, 2013

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