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Dec. 12 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up

Free coffee – Finals are rough. It’s a universally accepted fact. They really bring out the worst in us. We go from being pleasant, well-adjusted members of the Boston College community to being crazy sleep-deprived balls of stress, anxiety, and whatever we happen to remember from a semester’s worth of classes. Into this chasm of despair steps BC Dining with free coffee from the beginning of study days until the end of finals. Is it high-quality coffee? No. Does it have that sweet thing that fuels our studies-that is, caffeine? Yes. So go you, BC Dining. We appreciate it.

Last day of classes – We are done … well, almost. Welcome all to the final stretch. It feels good to be done with classes. While there is always a class or two that we will miss, we are so glad to be done with what has seemed like an interminable semester. Now we just have to get through finals….

St. Mary’s footbridge – It’s gone! We would like to Thumbs Up the good construction workers who have completed the St. Mary’s renovations to the point where this is no longer necessary. We really like not having to take the wooden footbridge to get from the parking garage to O’Neill Plaza. Things are just nicer this way.

Thumbs Down

Snow – Yeah, this will probably raise a flurry of responses, but we don’t like all of this snow. Sure, the campus looks pretty and all, but the number of times we have almost slipped on those hidden icy patches walking home is too damn high. Plus, there are few things worse than getting home and seeing that the entrance to your house has turned into a puddle because of all the melted snow brought inside by everyone’s boots. Also, trying to walk anywhere on campus with snow blowing into our faces is really annoying.

Lower rice – Lower, we appreciate that you have a fried rice bar. Really, it’s a great concept. Some days, there is nothing we would like more than a hot, steaming bowl of rice and its associated goodies. But we at TU/TD know that you aren’t using the right rice. The right rice, you see, sticks together. Your rice does not. We can see the individual grains in your rice. Please fix this.

Library space – Do you like waking up at the crack of dawn? Do you like having a place to sit and study in O’Neill or Bapst? Do you want to be relegated to the dungeon-like Social Work Library? If you want the second and hate the first, you better be ready for the third because, as finals roll around, there will not be a space available in any of the major libraries on campus, and you should just get used to it. We would like to Thumbs Down the lack of space available for students to study. When we are worrying about passing our finals, we don’t want to have to be worrying about finding a tiny corner in which to cram ourselves and our piles of textbooks to study for those finals. Also, all of you on the third floor of O’Neill-just because you are on the entrance floor of O’Neill and it is naturally noisy does not give you the right to talk incessantly. So yeah, we’d really like it if you would be a little more quiet.

December 12, 2013

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