Heisman Ceremony Update

Andre Williams was in New York on Saturday night fielding questions about the Heisman Experience and this year’s season.



Marly Morgus / Heights Editor


“History repeats itself…[Flutie] was the one that first put BC on the map. We kind of fell off the map again, and now we’re back on it.”

  • Andre Williams


“Regardless of how it shakes out tonight, as the AD of Boston College he’s my Heisman Trophy winner.”

  • Brad Bates, AD


“The ACC, I know Andre will agree with me, we’re really coming up.”

  • Jameis Winston, Florida State



“I think it would be presumptuous to think I’d be sitting here today after the season we had last year.”

  • Andre Williams


Update: 9:02 p.m.: 

Jameis Winston is the winner of the 2013 Heisman Trophy.



December 14, 2013