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Popular Juice and Smoothie Bar Opens a Second Location

A name like Nourish Your Soul truly speaks to the larger mission behind Susan Cabana’s juice and smoothie bars.

With a second location that only opened a week ago in South Boston, Cabana is certainly busy conveying this passion to her customers.

Cabana opened the original Nourish Your Soul location in Medford, Mass. after a string of personal difficulties. At age 37, Cabana lost her husband suddenly. “When I lost my husband, I started eating healthier when I decided I really wanted to live again for my kids,” she explained.

Then, in 2009, she lost her long-term job with Putnam Investments. This was the catalyst she needed to transform her passion for health into a career. “When I lost my job in ’09 I wanted to work towards something meaningful,” she said.

After studying at NYC’s holistic Institute for Integrative Nutrition, completing the Prana teaching-training program, and gaining her certification through yoga alliance, Cabana is well versed in all aspects of the health-focused lifestyle she preaches at her stores.

While the menu boasts tempting offerings such as the ppm juice (pineapple, pear, and mint) or the chocolate-covered berry smoothie, each one has an intentional nutritional benefit.

Each juice or smoothie comes with an explanation of the health benefits. For example, listed next to the beet blend, made of beets, pear, lemon, and cucumber, there is a simple explanation: “rich in nutrients, beets increase circulation for improved focus while vitamin-rich pear, cleansing lemon, and cooling cucumber add flavor and nutrients.”

The idea for her business grew out of a need for the product. “When I started with clients they were saying it [juicing] was difficult to keep up with,” Cabana said. Juicing requires large amounts of produce, she explained. Thus, the idea of making the juices for her clients was born.

Nourish Your Soul’s most popular option is green juice, made of kale, romaine, parsley, spinach, cucumber, lemon, and apple.

“I’m really passionate about the juices,” she continued. “I worked really hard to make them appealing on a broad level.” She makes sure all the juices both taste good and provide health benefits.

The opening of the new South Boston location has made Cabana busier than ever. “I love the Boston location, but there’s still some education that needs to happen,” she said. “There’s a higher price point, but it’s so worth spending your money on health.” While this trend seems to be prevalent in other parts of the country, such as California, Cabana recognizes that there is a way to go in Boston. “I love that I’m on the beginning part of that trend,” she said. “I hope to provide something that isn’t already there.”

Nourish Your Soul focuses on a comprehensive mission that offers yoga, juices, smoothies, and cleanse products. It even offers an online store. “It’s more about the store front,” Cabana said. “We do deliver to homes and yoga studios, but we don’t ship.” She explains that she likes that she can remain connected to yoga studios and clients this way.

Cabana’s overwhelming sense of strength and passion drive her business forward.

“I’ve been through this kind of difficult journey … right now I can actually offer a really healthy product that makes it convenient,” she said. “I feel every time I do that I heal a little further.”

January 23, 2014
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