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Jan. 27 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down


Thumbs Up

Mod Concerts – This weekend saw a performance of a variety not often seen at Boston College. While most performances take place in more standard venues-Robsham Theater, the Bonn Studio Theater, or even Conte Forum-this one took place in the Mods … and it wasn’t the infamous Strip Mod performance, either. A student musician, Times New Roman, was the first in a series of Mod Concerts, hosted by Chorduroy, a music compilation group at BC. Though we were not in attendance, we at TU/TD really like the idea of a Mod Concert series. It’s really great to hear a showcase of BC’s vast musical talent, and who doesn’t love a good reason to go to the Mods on a weekend night … well, another good reason, that is.

<strong>Hillside Sandwiches</strong> - It has come to our attention that Lower has recently started serving some of the delicious sandwiches formerly reserved solely for the domain of Hillside at lunch time. Given that those sandwiches have been described by sources close to TU/TD as "the chronic," "dank a.f.," and "straight-up delicious," this is a welcome addition to an otherwise dull lunchtime selection.</p><h4 style="padding:5px;"> Thumbs Down</h4><p> <strong>LIFO</strong> - This might be a little obscure for all of you non-business types out there, but please bear with us for a minute because we really need to get this off of our chests. We hate LIFO. We <em>really </em>hate LIFO. It makes no sense as a method for accounting for inventory. What normal and reasonable person sells the most recent item they have acquired, rather than the one they have had in stock for the longest amount of time? It would be like receiving monthly shipments of Nutella and eating the newest jar, even if there is some left from last month ... ok, maybe that was a bad example-who doesn't finish the whole jar of Nutella each month-but you get the point. It is completely nonsensical. It would be like a Ford dealer having cars from 2014 on the lot and cars from 1963 on the books-absolutely ludicrous.

Steaks and Cheeses – We have recently caught wind of a serious controversy that has struck BC’s campus-no, it’s not the number of cash registers open during busy times in the Rat or how sometimes the first floor doors in Mac are locked during the middle of the day. The question at hand is one far more serious than that-what is the proper pluralization of the quintessential BC late night delicacy, the Steak and Cheese? One camp argues that it should be Steak and Cheeses. The other side of this heated debate says just as vehemently that it should be Steaks and Cheese. We think that there is really only one logical and reasonable way to settle this debate. What is the soul and essence of the Steak and Cheese-what is its main ingredient? Any reasonable person would have to admit that it is the steak, rather than the cheese. Thus, on an ontological level, since the nature of food is in the steak and not the cheese, it would only be reasonable to emphasize that part of the name and so pluralize that word in the compound name. Problem solved.

January 27, 2014