Scene And Heard: January 30, 2014

1. ‘I’ll Never Let Go, Jonah’

Leonardo DiCaprio made a surprise appearance on SNL this weekend. Host Jonah Hill fielded audience questions in his opening monologue that somehow all related back to what it’s like to work with Leonardo DiCaprio. As Hill answered the questions like a big shot, DiCaprio emerged from backstage, scolded him for showing off, and then reenacted the famous scene from Titanic.

2. Bonnie And Clyde
Beyonce opened the Grammy Awards Sunday night singing “Drunk In Love,” which features her husband, Jay-Z. According to many, music’s first couple brought down the house, and Beyonce’s reaffirmed the fact that she’s the only person who should be twerking-sorry, Miley. Fun Fact: Beyonce and Jay-Z are tied, with 17 Grammy awards each. Can you say power couple?

3. ‘Bye Bye Bieber’
Justin Bieber has fled to Panama following his DUI arrest in Miami after being pulled over for drag racing. He’s been seen enjoying the sun and the sand, unfazed by his legal problems. Bieber is due back in the U.S. for his arraignment, and unfortunately for the beliebers out there, it’s on Valentine’s Day, most likely meaning there won’t be “one less lonely girl” this time around.

4. I Will Always Love You?
Heidi Klum split with her bodyguard boyfriend Martin Kirsten. This week it was revealed that the couple has been separated for a month. She and Kirsten have ended their professional relationship as well. For this bodyguard, Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” doesn’t seem quite so relevant.

5. ‘Elementary, My Dear’
Sherlock Holmes made his triumphant return to American televisions earlier this month in the British television crime drama Sherlock, airing on PBS. If you haven’t seen it, don’t worry about catching up-the show is now two episodes deep into its third season, but only eight episodes have aired thus far on American television. Episodes run 90-minutes in length.


January 29, 2014

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