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CWBC Offers Much To BC Female Undergrads

The Council for Women of Boston College (CWBC)-an alumnae organization committed to engaging the women of BC’s community and expanding upon involvement and leadership options available to women at BC-held an event on Tuesday night, “Preparing for the Journey: What’s Your Brand,” with the aim of helping female undergraduates shape a plan for career development. A panel of recent graduates spoke on the transition between college and the workplace, specifically addressing the challenges that women face in building and maintaining self-confidence in the professional world.

NEWS: Alumnae Offer Counsel On Personal Brands

The “Preparing for the Journey” series is only one of the valuable resources that the CWBC has offered since its inception in 2002. The council endeavors to maintain contact with recent alumnae, hosting “Beginning the Journey,” “Continuing the Journey,” and “Refining the Journey” events, each aimed at female graduates in different stages of their careers, and held in various cities across the country. This network is beneficial for women in transition post-graduation, providing a support system that many alumnae might otherwise lack.

Especially in the face of recent concerns about declining female self-confidence in college, and at BC in particular, CWBC events on campus fulfill an important role by providing the opportunity for students to hear personal testimonies from successful BC alumnae and to network with them. Students should draw upon CWBC’s resources-alongside the Connections Mentoring program, which matches undergraduate women with alumnae who serve as personal and professional mentors, these programs have the potential both to expand the role of women at BC and to better prepare female undergraduates for their future careers.


January 30, 2014

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