Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Confidence On Campus

Valentine’s Day, like New Year’s Eve, gets an incredible amount of hype. It seems that one cannot walk into a Corcoran Commons to grab a snack without being confronted by the overwhelming quantity of fluffy teddy bears, chocolate boxes, lovey-dovey cards, and whatever else the market has made desirable. Feb. 14 never feels like “just another day” to most because aspects of everyday life suddenly seem to be an unexpectedly personal affront.

On the other hand, couples are faced with additional dilemmas of their own. For a new couple, Valentine’s Day can seem equivalent to asking a friend you like to UGBC Homecoming or introducing your overly protective father to your high school prom date. There’s no measurement scale to calculate just how much tension or anxiety is in the air, but rest assured that couples don’t necessarily have it easy either.

For one, there’s the sheer expense of the holiday, which more often than not, falls into the hands of the guy. Couples may choose to celebrate the occasion to the fullest with wining or dining, while others may choose a more laid-back date in with Crazy Dough’s pizza. There’s also the gift-giving element, which has an equal potential to break the bank, depending on how generous or stingy each of you chooses to be.

The two above-mentioned costs vary from the third and final one, which is emotional rather than financial. New or long-distance couples may experience anxiety and stress with the approaching holiday, unsure if the date will meet all the expectations they’ve crafted in their heads thanks to cheesy romantic comedies and sappy Nicholas Sparks books. For those who are new to the game, your best bet is to approach the day with an open mind and lower expectations in an effort to guarantee the night will be a huge success. For those who’ve been dating long-term, the holiday is most likely a pleasant one that allows each partner to appreciate the other for the time they’ve spent together thus far.

Couples appear to be the stars of the show on Feb. 14, but where does that leave the majority of people, especially those in college, who have no serious relationship on their hands?

Those who are single have three options on this day: you can be an emotional train wreck and blame yourself for your non-existent significant other by taking out your feelings on Ben & Jerry’s ice cream; own the day as a chance to celebrate your decision to be without a relationship because you feel comfortable in your own skin and are satisfied with your life; or you can have absolutely no feelings toward Valentine’s Day.

Those of you who identify with the second category are fortunate in a number of ways, but in reality, all ways of dealing with this love-infatuated holiday are perfectly rational because Valentine’s Day is a holiday that evokes countless emotions.

So for the single people out there, make the night your own in whichever way you feel comfortable. If you prefer the pity party cry-yourself-to-sleep-variety, then The Notebook is a fool-proof way to go through a box of Kleenex in no time at all. However, there are much less self-defeating ways to spend the day, such as going to one of many parties filled with untaken gems that will be happening at the Mods in spite of the bouquets of roses and PDA. Take advantage of enjoying the day with your closest friends and celebrate yourself as a happy, independent BC student.

So whether you’re off to the North End to gorge yourself on a healthy helping of pasta and Mike’s Pastry sweets, crying yourself to sleep, or ignoring the nauseating love fest that has taken over your stable lifestyle by partying, do whatever makes you happy.

February 9, 2014