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Feb. 13 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down


Thumbs Up

Hillside Coffee Bar – We would like to thank you, Hillside Coffee Bar, for all of the support that you provide us in our sleep-deprived days. We don’t think that you get the love you deserve, especially since the opening of the new Stokes Chocolate Bar. You are kind of like the older brother after the younger child is born-with all of the attention being showered on the newborn, you feel neglected and unloved. Well, we would like to Thumbs Up you now to thank you for the all-important service that you provide to the student body in the form of delicious, espresso-based beverages.

<strong>Grandmothers' Cookies</strong> - As college students, one thing that is often lacking from our diets is delicious homemade baked goodies. Because of this, we appreciate it all the more when our grandmothers take the time to bake some cookies, brownies, and other delicacies and send them in care packages for Valentine's Day. While most of the focus of the day is on significant others, we would like to make a special shout-out to all the grandmothers out there because your cookies really get us through the week.</p><h4 style="padding:5px;">    Thumbs Down</h4><p> <strong>The End Of Flappy Bird </strong>- The most recent gaming fad to hit the mobile phone market is dead. Recently, the creator of the game Flappy Bird pulled his game from all of the app stores because of the addictive nature of the game. It is a rather unusual ending for an extremely popular game, as the developer is likely losing the potential to profit from ads on each additional app downloaded. What is worse, though, is that enterprising iPhone owners have recently been stopped by eBay from trying to auction off their phones that already have the game preloaded. Apparently, it violates some copyright/licensing policy of the site's that prohibits selling hardware that is not returned to factory settings.

<strong>Addie's Lines</strong> - These lines are about as amorphous and ill-defined as cottage cheese. It is always unclear exactly for what the unorganized groups of people in front of you are waiting. Do they want salads? Are they waiting for a custom-made pizza? Or are they just waiting for a BBQ-chicken pizza to come out of the oven? No one really knows because everyone just stands around awkwardly waiting to get through. If only Addie's set up the partitioning to direct people to different stations....

Large Winter Coats – This is not to say that we don’t love large winter coats. Hailing from the cowboy boots-part of this country, we are well aware of how necessary they are and, in fact, quite enjoy them. What remains an unsolved dilemma for us, however, is what to do with them in the classroom. If you are in a large lecture hall, they absolutely swallow up you and the person next to you. If you are in a small classroom and you put them behind your chair, said winter coats will crowd onto the desk of the person behind you. There is simply no way to win. 

February 12, 2014