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LTE: Gratitude For BC’s Campus School Decision

It is with utmost gratitude that I write to you today with regards to the decision to give us an opportunity to implement our strategic plan to keep the Campus School on the campus of Boston College. We are elated by this decision and eager to begin working towards the many goals set before us. We are committed to our children, our school, and our staff. With the proper supports in place, I am confident that the Campus School will be the best it can be and a school that will continue to make BC proud.

I thank you for sending us two amazing men and ambassadors with whom we were blessed to work, Joe Quinn and Leo Sullivan. They were willing to listen to us and carry our message to you. They were consummate gentlemen, attentive and engaging.

I truly believe that the Holy Spirit was working overtime through all of us on this endeavor and I thank the good Lord that the Campus School has been give a second chance.

Carla DiRuzza
Mother of Campus School student


February 17, 2014