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Fiore-Chettiar And Marchese To Lead UGBC For 2014-15

The Elections Committee (EC) has announced that the team of Nanci Fiore-Chettiar and Chris Marchese, both A&S ’15, will serve as the UGBC president and executive vice president for the 2014-15 school year.

Fiore-Chettiar and Marchese garnered 2,327 votes-54 percent of the record 4,332 undergraduates who voted. Lucas Levine and Vance Vergara, both A&S ’15, received 2,005 votes.

Fiore-Chettiar and Marchese, who were originally running uncontested as they were the only candidate team to file before the original Jan. 16 deadline, won every class year.

Before the results were announced, the EC announced that the Levine-Vergara team was docked 50 votes for campaigning in a residence hall when they were not permitted to do so. Yesterday, Fiore-Chettiar and Marchese were sanctioned 75 votes for an unspecified campaign smear directed at Levine and Vergara.


February 19, 2014