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LTE: Campus School Volunteers Give Thanks

Thank you for believing in us.

Thank you for giving the Campus School an opportunity to continue to thrive and to grow on the Boston College campus.

Thank you for realizing that the Campus School is more than just a volunteer placement for us, it has become our second home. It is a place where we seek refuge, learn about compassion, and most importantly, experience love.

Thank you for letting us continue to be advocates for our students and their families. You are allowing us to continue to raise awareness about individuals with disabilities and raise money so that our students can have the very best. You are allowing us to put many of the ideals that we learn in our classes into action.

Thank you for recognizing that the values and skills we learn serving at the Campus School will allow us to become alumni that Boston College is proud of. As we have been taught, solidarity is learned through contact, not concepts, and you have given us the opportunity to remain in close contact with our students, their families, and the Campus School staff.

Thank you for living out the Jesuit ideals that Boston College was built upon. You have made us proud to call Boston College our home. You have provided us with the opportunity to learn what it truly means to be men and women for others.

Thank you for listening. You heard our voices and you listened. You let us tell you our stories and attempt to explain what the school means to us. You came with open hearts and were able to see how important this school is to your Boston College undergraduates.

From the bottom of our hearts, we cannot thank you enough. We will not soon forget the faith that you have put in us. We promise to make you proud.

The Campus School Volunteers


February 20, 2014