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Spring Practice Update

Two weeks into spring practice, Boston College football head coach Steve Addazio gave an update on his team’s workouts.

“Guys are working really hard,” he said. “We’re fighting through our low numbers. We’ve got a bunch of guys—10, 11 guys, for various different reasons—are recovering from surgeries or out.”

On Darius Wade and Tyler Murphy:

 “Good, you know, they’re swimming right now, there’s a lot of instillation going right now. Darius should be going to the prom and he’s trying to digest an offense, but he’s done a nice job. Tyler’s got a little bit more experience, but you know, you still get to this point in spring—you’re in practice six, seven, eight—and there’s a lot of instillation. It’s all part of it, but they’re doing a good job.

Addazio on Josh Bordner’s transition to receiver:

 “He’s learning how to do a lot of things, block the perimeter, he’s doing a lot of different job descriptions and it’s a work in progress. By the end of spring he’ll take a big step forward and by the time we get to training camp he’ll be ready to play. Right now it’s overwhelming, he’s half a tight end, half a receiver—he’s got a big role.”

On the wide receivers:

 “That whole group is really working hard. We lost that one guy that was a go-to guy, but all these other guys are getting better and starting to emerge now. We’re going to be more of a group of guys as opposed to a guy.”

“We’re going to be very young. We’re going to play a majority of young guys. We have a small cluster of older guys, but I knew that when I came here. I knew when I came here the biggest challenge wasn’t going to be year one, it was going to be year two, because of the recruiting classes.

 “Some not great things happen on the field with young guys. They get beat, they get deep in the second, I mean all kinds of stuff happens. But you know in your heart that you build and you build and you build and you’re building that base back up again and you’re ready to refit your program to get it back to where it used to be.”

On team’s biggest voids:

 “We don’t have any real depth at receiver. We have two running backs at spring practice right now. We recruited well, and we’ve got a bunch of good ones coming in, but they’re young. Receiver, same thing. Secondary, young.”

Addazio also said that early enrollee Isaac Yiadom, recruited as an athlete, is currently being looked at as cornerback.

March 18, 2014
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