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Thesis Presenters Deserve Greater Recognition

Boston College seniors representing eight departments from across the humanities and social science disciplines participated in the inaugural senior thesis poster presentation on Friday morning. Each prepared a visual aid to outline his or her thesis project-a manifestation of a year or more of comprehensive research and writing-and were willing to share their expertise with peers and faculty.

Turnout for the event, however, was disappointingly low. Few students took advantage of the opportunity to learn about the unique projects being displayed, despite the event being held in the O’Neill Library reading room, a convenient location. Speaking with and receiving advice from students who are nearly done with the thesis process could be extremely beneficial to underclassmen considering theses in the future, as the task may seem intimidating from an underclassman’s perspective. Additionally, the presentation session is not only advantageous for underclassmen, but also for the presenters themselves, as being able to explain their findings to a non-expert audience is a valuable opportunity.

Thesis writers work extensively within their respective areas of focus, undertaking projects on a scale most of them have not experienced before. They deserve greater recognition for their efforts, and this event should be continued and expanded next year. In order to encourage greater attendance, the University and organizers should more widely publicize the event.


March 23, 2014

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