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Turnout Reflects Success In UGBC’s Weekend Events

UGBC hosted the Annual Ball and Plexapalooza last weekend, and by the numbers, both events were successful. The Annual Ball sold out, and the Plexapalooza concert, featuring DJ Enferno, sold at least 900 tickets and filled the gymnasium in the Flynn Recreation Complex to near capacity. Next semester, UGBC will no longer plan concerts like Plexapalooza, and the responsibility will be shifted to the new Programming Board, to be formed under the Student Programming Office.

Given the disastrous financial figures surrounding last semester’s fall concert, which incurred a $112,000 loss, there are lessons to be learned from smaller events like Plexapalooza. The concert broke even, according to Melanie MacLellan, programming manager of on-campus events and A&S ’14. Turning to smaller venues for lesser-known artists, like DJ Enferno, can minimize risk and protect the University from taking losses on concerts. By keeping ticket prices affordable, UGBC has been able to guarantee more consistent attendance figures for annual events like Plexapalooza and the Annual Ball. The Programming Board should not necessarily just seek out lesser-known artists, but in the case that up-and-coming and over-the-hill acts are the only ones available for the designated concert weekend, scaling down the venue-and keeping prices low-is the best option.


March 26, 2014

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