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‘It’s On Again’ Weaves In Stunning Scenes Of Upcoming ‘Spiderman’ Film

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Alicia Keys and Kendrick Lamar collaborated for the music video for “It’s On Again.” The song is from The Amazing Spiderman soundtrack and the video incorporates scenes from the movie along with shots of the artists. The song is quite incredible and is on par with rest of the music on the soundtrack, produced by Hans Zimmer and Pharrell Williams.

Lamar’s introduction is contrasted with the quietness of the piano in the background. It is interesting that the song is about being heroic, and yet in the video Keys and Lamar seem to play the part of villains.

The video switches back and forth between Keys, Lamar, and scenes from the movie. Many of the scenes that were used from the film are relatively intense and action-packed, yet somehow the way they were presented with her voice in the background mellows out the violence. The video takes out the suspense of the film and instead includes breathtaking shots that hint at the special effects and visuals of the Spiderman sequel. If this video was meant to entice the audience to see the film, the aesthetics of the “It’s On Again” video should be enough to convince it.

Near the end the video, Lamar shuts off the power from the city and the video immediately snaps to a shot of Spiderman (Andrew Garfield) and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) as they watch the city black out. It gives the audience just a small taste of the movie, but then it completely changes and the lights of the buildings start to flicker-suddenly, it isn’t certain whether that scene was actually from the movie. Keys is playing the piano in the middle of the city as the lights continue to blink on and off, and Lamar soon joins her. The video ends with Spiderman and Gwen falling through the roof of a glass building. The song itself is quite spectacular, and it pairs well with the visual appeal of the upcoming film.


April 23, 2014