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April 24 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up

Meatball Obsession – Although we were unable to make it to the new inhabitant of the hut outside of Lower on Marathon Monday due to limited street crossing opportunities, we have heard from sources close to TU/TD that the meatballs were good. While we question the continuing tradition of weirdly suggestive names for the little hut (no one has ever been able to adequately explain to us who thought that “Beans, Creams, and Dreams” was a good name for … well … anything), we do like to see that it is open occasionally. For those of us who find it thoroughly impossible to spend all $2,282 of the residential dining plan that the University foists upon us, we are also thrilled that the place accepts the Monopoly money that constitutes the regular meal plan.

New Lines At Addie’s – Well, it took them long enough, but they have finally reconfigured the line situation at Addie’s. For those of you who were unfamiliar with the old system, let us break it down for you real quick-it sucked. There was one line that transformed into an amorphous blob during times of high traffic in the evenings, as students who wanted salads would be waiting in line, holding up students who simply wanted a ready-made pizza. Because most BC students couldn’t be bothered to look up from their phones long enough to tell those around them in which line they were waiting, what we had there was a failure to communicate. With a simple shift of the dividing line, the Addie’s staff has solved this problem. Now, there are two lines-one for all those who want to get their salads, and one for everyone else who wants to get a pizza.

Boston Calling Line-Up – In case you haven’t heard, Boston Calling announced its fall line-up yesterday afternoon. Among some of the highlights are The National, Lorde, Nas x the Roots, Childish Gambino, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Girl Talk, pleasing fans of all genres. Huge Thumbs Up to Boston Calling, by far the best line up thus far. Thanks for skipping over Flume (?) this time-we really just don’t need more of that in our lives.

Downloading Johnny Hockey – Johnny Gaudreau was recently added to the Calgary Flames’ roster in NHL ’14, meaning that it is now possible to download him onto your XBox and control him in a virtual fight, which is kind of weird since we were sitting in English class with him only a couple weeks ago. The only thing? They made his overall rating a mere 77. We’ve got 80 reasons why he should be at least an 80….

Thumbs Down

Marathon Monday Profile Pics – Everyone and his or her mother has decided to take one of his or her many pictures from Marathon Monday and use it as his or her Facebook profile picture. We think this is way overdone and just a little bit cliche. Yes, we get it-you were at the Boston Marathon on Monday with your friends. That’s great that you were out there, cheering on the runners. It really is. But you don’t need to document it via a new profile picture like so many other BC students out there.


April 24, 2014