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Lady Gaga’s Back With Bennett, And More Singles This Week

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, “Nature Boy”

Lady Gaga’s voice has never sounded as finessed as it does in this old-school interpretation of a classic jazz standard. The song’s dreamy, orchestral arrangement and Tony Bennett’s soothing voice will take you to the smoky lounge of an old black-and-white movie. It also serves as a reminder that Lady Gaga is one of the best vocalists in the industry.

Jennifer Hudson feat. Iggy Azalea, “He Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”

While the disco-esque tone of the song is strained by Iggy’s slightly out-of-place rap, Hudson’s powerhouse vocals, particularly in the chorus, are enough to redeem the entire thing. Pharrell’s production decisions seem unorthodox, especially in the odd rhythms and synthesizers, but they may be well received for just that reason.

French For Rabbits, “Woke Up To A Storm”

Here’s a quirky hidden gem from the New Zealand duo that might be worth checking out for people looking for something new. The layered arrangement of simple beats, spacey electric guitar, cascading violins, and haunting vocals create a dreamy tune that will put some to sleep and awaken the souls of others.

Featured Image Courtesy Of Interscope Records

September 17, 2014