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Seaver’s Express Releases ‘2×2,’ And More Singles This Week

Kendrick Lamar, “i”

Set to an Isley Brothers’ sample and rolling guitar rifts, the Compton rapper reasserts his beat dominance over the rest of his hip-hop cohorts. His “Control” verse was brash, almost antagonistic. This single is defined by a smooth instrumental background, as Kendrick buzzes his way with a controlled reckless abandon. Like it or not, we’re living in m.A.A.D. City.

Jason Aldean, “Tonight Looks Good On You”

The latest single from his upcoming album, “Tonight Looks Good On You” is an alarmingly unoriginal country song. It breeds a “good lookin’ girl” and some moonlight to paint a picture we’ve heard time and time again. It’s a shame, because Aldean can do this better than anyone. At least his previous hits like “Night Train” had some fire, but here it’s all but sizzled.

Seaver’s Express, “2×2”

Boston College’s Seaver’s Express continues to cultivate its local sound. The band has gone from sounding ambient, far away to immediate, right in your dorm. “2×2” is breezy (“all [it] wants to do is ride along the California seacoast with you”).  The same easy chords are there, but they’ve been melded in with everything else, as the chorus goes “two by two by two.”×2

Featured Image by Drew Hoo / Heights Staff

September 24, 2014

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