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Where To Eat In Coolidge Corner

You don’t have to walk far from The Paris Creperie to find more great food in Coolidge Corner. Here are two of our picks.

Otto – 289 Harvard Street

Otto Pizza has quickly become a favorite gourmet and specialty pizza joint in Coolidge Corner. A small chain born in Portland, Maine, Otto is known for pairing unique ingredients and flavors—including butternut squash, ricotta, and cranberry. This corner location offers a user-friendly design that accommodates customers who want to dine in with table service, have a drink at the bar, or anyone who prefers to grab a quick slice and sit along a counter. In a neighborhood full of dining options, Otto has been mobbed nearly every day since it opened in 2012. Coolidge Corner is hungry for good pizza, and many call Otto the neighborhood’s best.

The Regal Beagle – 308 Harvard Street

Known for its innovative and ever-evolving take on American comfort food, the Regal Beagle is a mainstay of Coolidge Corner’s bustling, artistic crowd. The bulk of the menu changes constantly, but you can always get the crowd favorites, like the blue-cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon to start, or the classic macaroni and cheese. It’s impossible to fall into a rut ordering the same thing over and over again here—the specials are always too tempting, and every new meal seems to top the last. This long, narrow gastropub delivers on dinner, but is also an excellent spot for weekend brunch. Once you try it, you’ll be on a short leash.

Heights Editor Mary Rose Fissinger contributed to this report.

Featured Image by Joseph Castlen / Heights Editor

October 16, 2014