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Hiding Out In Fulton With Pumpkins

Thumbs Up

Fulton Conference Rooms: These rooms are secretly the second best study spot on the Boston College campus. (We know you want to know what the best spot is, but we are keeping that one under wraps so that, come finals time, we don’t suddenly find half the campus trying to study there. We aren’t sorry. If you want real rankings, see a Vault guide.) Back to Fulton—these rooms are great for all purposes. Are you working on a group project? These conference rooms are one of the few places on campus you can converse in a quiet place without disturbing others. Are you preparing for a finance interview? Studying here, you can channel the gods of CSOM to prepare for the gauntlet in front of you, even if you are in A&S. Are you frightfully behind on your thesis? You can work until 4 a.m. uninterrupted in these rooms. If you want to use the whiteboards, though, you are SOL unless you BYOM (bring your own marker).

Pumpkins: It’s pumpkin season! At the risk of being called “basic,” we are going to express publicly our love for all things pumpkin infused, “PSLs” included, be- cause our love for these wonderful fall classics will not be shamed. Whether it is pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread, we love the flavor of fall. Plus, at the end of the month, we get to carve faces into the pumpkins to make jack-o’-lanterns. (Sidebar: Apparently there were jack-o’-lanterns in the early 19th century U.S., at least according to Nathaniel Hawthorne. We never would have guessed.)

Photographs: We were rummaging through our desk drawer, where we happened upon some old photographs from freshman year. We looked so young and optimistic then—bright eyed and ready to take on the world. We also had more hair then—oh, what days those were.

Thumbs Down

Photograph: Every time we hear this song, it doesn’t make us laugh, but rather cringe. It is 2014—there is no reason that this song should ever be played anywhere … ever.

Recent Deaths: In the last few days, there have been two deaths of particular note: Oscar de la Renta and Benjamin Bradlee. In the fashion world, de la Renta was a giant, designing gowns for First Ladies and actresses alike. Eleven years the senior of the Dominican American designer, Bradlee surveyed the world from atop The Washington Post. What is now one of the most important papers in the U.S. was an underdog in the Capitol market when he began his 23-year tenure as executive editor in 1968. Most importantly, he oversaw the investigation of the Watergate scandal that led to Nixon’s resignation and the cementing of The Post’s importance in the press ever since. Both will be missed.

Response To Taylor Swift’s Tweet: Get ahold of yourselves, BC social media people. Yes, we get it—we all want validation of our existence by celebrities outside of the campus and we feel the need to overcompensate for the fact that Amy Poehler speaks at Harvard, but won’t come back to her alma mater. Inferiority complex aside, we all collectively need to get over this. Taylor Swift, might we remind you, did not tweet anything—her social media person did. So let’s get on with more important things.

Featured Image by Alex Trautwig / Heights Senior Staff

October 23, 2014