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The Hangover: It Was A Rough Weekend

Thumbs Up

PATs – We’re trying a reverse-jinx since last week didn’t work. Chances that this reverse-jinx works? About the same as BC’s chances of actually making all of its extra points in a game.

Deke City – That move Ryan Fitzgerald put on Matt O’Connor was a Johnny Gaudreau type of unfair. That goal was definitely all O’Connor’s fault, but whether or not he sucks at life is another question altogether.

Coordination – Our amateur eyes in the sky are impressed with how the Eagles’ play calling keeps opponents off-balance. Ryan Day got three huge gains off play action passes to fullbacks Bobby Wolford and tight end Jarrett Darmstatter (?!) that Louisville didn’t cover at all. Offensive lines still struggle to keep up with Don Brown’s delayed blitzes coming from all angles. There were a lot of three down linemen with defensive end Kevin Kavalec lurking inside in the A and B gaps, and the Cardinals seemed just as confused as we were. We’re excited to see what he can do with a better secondary.

Thumbs Down

@Fake_Murphy – It started off with following porn stars, and to be honest, we really wanted to see where Faux-Murphy was gonna go next with that.

Conte Audio – From its usual wonderful taste in music blaring through the speakers to the broken mic for the National Anthem, Friday really wasn’t the best night for the tech folks of Conte. Major props to the student section for picking up their slack on the anthem.

Momentum – Steve Addazio talked a lot about momentum after the game, so let’s see if we got this right. BC had the momentum in the first half, then lost it on the blocked punt, then got it back late in the third quarter, then lost it, then got it back when it had the ball inside the five, then lost it when they couldn’t score? Either momentum doesn’t actually exist, or it’s really fickle when you don’t have enough talent.

Power Plays – BC’s man advantage started slow last year too, but we’re confident that it’s gonna be a little harder to improve this year. It’s not good for anyone when Destry Straight is featured prominently in the slot in BC’s 2-3 configuration, and there are no injuries to explain why. Hope Plymouth is nice, Sonny.

Featured Image by Emily Fahey / Heights Editor

November 9, 2014

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