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University Issues Notice Of Off-Campus Intruder

Last Friday, the University posted a safety notice on the Agora Portal webpage regarding an off-campus private property home intrusion and theft reported to the Boston Police Department (BPD).

“Residents reported being awakened by an intruder who fled upon being discovered,” the notice reads.

The post confirmed that no injuries were reported, and issued several precautionary measures for students to further prevent similar incidents.

“The Boston College Police Department advises students to make sure apartment entry doors and windows are locked at all times and to immediately report any suspicious activity in or around off-campus non-University property to the Boston Police Department by calling 911,” the post reads.

According to Director of Public Safety and BCPD chief John King, the incident was reported to BCPD only after initial reports were filed with BPD.

“We were informed by the Boston Police of these incidents and will continue to keep alert to matters involving our community members,” King said in an email. “BCPD officers have been advised of these incidents and our awareness remains high for any reports that may involve our community.”

The report follows a series of off-campus break-ins that occurred last year, the suspect of which was largely referred to as the “Kirkwood Tickler,” based on several student accounts of an intruder breaking in to “tickle” tenants’ feet, according to a article published this past May. No connection between those incidents and this most recent one has been established.

BCPD did not state the address or items stolen, but King confirmed that the incident did not occur in University housing.

Featured Image by Daniel Lee / Heights Senior Staff

November 17, 2014