Giving Thanks

The Heights editors give thanks.

I am thankful for the good days that begin with coffee and end with wine. I’m thankful for my family, and the friends that have become family, who share those days with me. Finally, I’m infinitely grateful for McElroy 113 and all the people make it so much more than a cluttered basement office that puts out a newspaper. —Maggie Powers, Layout Editor

I am thankful for the Os, 24 Crosby, John Finney, cubes in Spanish nightclubs, tiramisu gelato and the Eiffel Tower (together), and Monday night e-board meetings for The Heights. —Julie Orenstein, Assoc. News Editor

I am thankful for WordPress. —Austin Tedesco, Online Manager

I am thankful for the view of the Boston skyline from the fourth floor of O’Neill, Fuel coffee, country music, my parents, and everyone on The Heights for making my Wednesday nights the highlight of my week. —Bennet Johnson, Asst. Metro Editor

I am thankful for coffee, the Real Housewives, and my hair. —Marc Francis, General Manager

I am thankful for Aaron Rodgers, caffeinated drinks, socks n stocks, my loving family, and, of course, the abundance of red pens, late Wednesday and Sunday nights, and hilarity that is The Heights. —Corinne Duffy, Assoc. Copy Editor

I am thankful for good wampum, taco dived, stations deuce, and the last minute of “Pieholden Suite.” —Connor Mellas, Sports Editor

I am thankful for “the finer things” in my life—my family, friends, and dog Gizmo, One Direction, John Wiley, and, of course, the opportunity to have been a part of The Heights for the last two years. —Ariana Igneri, Assoc. Arts & Review Editor

I am thankful for my loud and proud Italian family, cozy coffee shops, my trusty jar of Nutella, and really good hugs. I’m also grateful to everyone on The Heights for the laughs, the love, and the much-needed dance parties. —Michelle Tomassi, Asst. Arts & Review Editor

I am thankful for the friends who became family long ago, and the home we have created for ourselves in the process. —Tricia Tiedt, Outreach Coordinator

I am thankful for soccer. —Alex Fairchild, Asst. Sports Editor

I am thankful for cranberry juice, candy corn costumes, and Christmas lights. —Sarah Moore, Executive Assistant

I am thankful for my hilarious friends and roommates, my supportive family, my one and only “media naranja,” and my time at BC—it’s been a wonderful, unforgettable four years. —Samantha Costanzo, Asst. Features Editor

I am thankful for crossword puzzles, puns, and all the offbeat people who I’m lucky enough to know. —Eleanor Hildebrandt, Editor-in-Chief

I am thankful for the slow-closing toilet seat in my Edmond’s Hall dorm room. Oh, and my family. —Ryan Towey, Metro Editor

I am thankful for my brothers, parents, Kentucky (the state), Kentucky (the basketball team), sleep, Chick-fil-A, My Mother’s Fleabag, food (the easier to make, the better), and friendship. —Joseph Castlen, Managing Editor

I am thankful for all the homies near and far, including but not limited to Biggie, Tupac, and Chris “Party Boy Stats” Stadtler. —Mujtaba Syed, Business Manager

I am thankful for food, shelter, and college football. —Marly Morgus, Assoc. Sports Editor

I am thankful for my wonderful family who taught me to appreciate fireplaces and Friday night Chinese food, Wolfram Alpha, french fries, and Breck Wills. —Emily Fahey, Photo Editor

I am thankful for my puppy, my family both in Winthrop and at Boston College, Advil and red pens, and, of course, Taylor Swift. —Kayla Famolare, Copy Editor

I am thankful for my family, my friends, and for all the opportunities life has afforded me. Chipotle is worthy of my thanks, too. —Nathan McGuire, Asst. News Editor

I am thankful for my family, my roommates, coffee, math, running, the ocean, big comfy sweaters, sunshine, laughter, education, and good conversations. I am also thankful for The Heights and everyone it allowed me to meet—from people that I interviewed once for a story to people that I was an editor with for three full years. Thanks for the memories. —Mary Rose Fissinger, Special Projects Editor

I am thankful for beagles, the Midwest, euchre, twins, McElroy 113, and my mom who provides me with endless content for my columns. —Kendra Kumor, Features Editor

I am thankful for my beautiful family, my dad who is the only reason I am passing my classes, my mom who “wiped feces off my neck,” James who is even weirder than I am, and my two grandmothers, my aunts, uncles, and my many many cousins who are all the best people I know. Also, stocks n socks and friends (including Emily Fahey) are cool too. —Breck Wills, Asst. Graphics Editor

I am thankful for my rockin’ bod and my overwhelming humility. Shout out to my family and friends—wouldn’t have made it to the top without you. —Pam Taylor, National Advertising Manager

I am thankful for my amazing family and friends, coffee, Trader Joe’s, Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” music video, open tables at the Chocolate Bar, and for it being the “appropriate time” to hang lights in my dorm room. —Jessica Turkmany, Account Manager

I am thankful for my roommate’s banana chocolate chip pancakes, my rock/family, my beautifully dysfunctional crew, and Michelle Tomassi’s stellar dance moves. —Emily Sadeghian, Asst. Photo Editor

I am thankful to the The Heights for giving me a reasonable excuse for procrastination on Sunday nights, Saturday mornings spent at Fuel, the Mediterranean Salmon salad at Eagles (even though I substitute the salmon for grilled chicken), the oxford comma which I’m about to use, and my wonderful friends and family. —Arielle Cedeno, Editorial Assistant

I am thankful for all the cooks in my kitchen, because it sure takes a lot to make a stew. —John Wiley, Arts & Review Editor

I am thankful for family, friends, my lovely Crystal, and Best Seattle Black Coffee in first floor of O’Neill. —Donny Wang, Systems Manager

I am thankful for everyone on The Heights and the men’s crew team for keeping me grounded during my time at Boston College. I am also very thankful for my family: My sister, Kristen; Jacquelyn; and my father, Dan, who has been my closest friend, mentor, and role model. —Evan D. Gatti, Asst. Copy Editor

I am thankful that newspapers aren’t extinct, for cheetos and cheesy rice (really anything with cheese in it), and airplanes because without them I would still be on my way to BC walking from LA. Finally, I am thankful to my family for their unconditional love and support and for my friends for always brightening my day. —JT Mindlin, Asst. Layout Editor

I am thankful for my family, Phish (Welcome to Miami), coffee, The Heights, and not my landlord. —Connor Farley, News Editor

I’m thankful for my three families: Home, Heights, and Hardey 3. —Jordan Pentaleri, Graphics Editor

I am thankful for my family, the surreal, bizarre, and magnificent alternate reality that exists in McElroy 113 and all the people who make it possible, what we produce twice a week, every week in that office, loose-leaf tea, the 1st Amendment, Mr. Jones … and “Mr. Jones,” the “Summer Hits of the ’90s” Pandora Station, Nikos Kazantzakis, Mrs. Dalloway, em-dashes, AP Exchange, Rainer Maria Rilke, long strolls on meandering knolls, a nice pipe, women’s field hockey, the privilege of having 10-15 editors in my room every Monday for interesting discussions (or awkward silences, depending on the day), Air Heads, gifs, Joseph Castlen’s rendition of “Wagon Wheel,” L.L. Bean slippers, my roommates who put up with me coming back home at absurd hours in the morning twice a week, waxing poetic, finding it after all, The Lord of the Rings, sticky little leaves, fountain pens, 11:05, and leather-bound books. —Andrew Skaras, Opinions Editor

Featured Image by Jordan Pentaleri / Heights Editor

November 24, 2014
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