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TU/TD: We’re Going Bowling


Bowlin’ In The Big Apple – The whole world is better off with BC staying close to home. Playing in the big city will be a welcome sight after last year’s trip to the Bayou. Someday Connor Mellas will tell you about his wonderful experience in Shreveport. And we could’ve ended up somewhere similar this year. Honestly, have you ever heard about the night life in El Paso?

Charlie Davies – Win or lose, we still love the greatest soccer player to ever come out of BC. Although he couldn’t bring home the MLS Cup with the hometown Revs, we can’t wait to see the BC Assistant Coach on the sideline again.

Free Shirts – A “Beat Providence” Superfan shirt giveaway meant men’s basketball had a decent turnout for the big basketball game on Friday night. Conte was rocking at times. But if you took the shirt and left, you suck. You know who you are.

Underdogs – We love to see NJIT and University of the Sciences (wait, who?) beat the likes of Michigan and Drexel on their homecourts. And BC took down the Friars as well.

The Committee – We thank the good people on the College Football Playoff Selection Committee for leaving out TCU and Baylor, neither of whom, in our humble opinions, deserved a spot in the top four. A collective “Please shut up” to all those whining about their decision.


The Committee – As it turns out, we are also one of those whiners. They gave no love to our conference, the ACC, and they showed a whole lot of favoritism towards the Big Ten. We all know that the athletic directors from Wisconsin and Nebraska are making the decisions.

The Powerplay – Our collective hands are getting sore from thumbs down-ing this so much. See “ Numbers To Know” below.

Balding Baldwin – 60K a year and they can’t afford another mascot costume. A middle-aged bird with bald spots isn’t very menacing.

Featured Image by Emily Fahey / Heights Editor

December 8, 2014