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Renfro Confirmed As UGBC Vice President Of Student Initatives

Sloan Renfro, A&S ’16, was confirmed to the position of vice president of student initiatives Sunday afternoon by the Student Assembly of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College. Renfro now holds the position vacated by Connor Bourff, A&S ’15, who replaced Chris Marchese, A&S ’15, as executive vice president in November following Marchese’s resignation.

Marchese was set to be reinstated Sunday as executive vice president, but his nomination was withdrawn Friday evening following the discovery of new information, Nanci Fiore-Chettiar, UGBC president and A&S ’15, said in an email Friday night.

Renfro, who just returned from a semester abroad in Switzerland, was previously a member of the University Affairs Cabinet, where she worked on the core revision process. Sophomore year, she was the Women’s and Gender Empowerment Director. In that position, she worked with the Women’s Resource Center on the planning and execution of Love Your Body Week and CARE Week. She also organized the First Annual Women’s Summit.

Although she has been gone this past semester, she emphasized that she has been keeping up to date with what UGBC and student initiatives has been doing. As vice president of student initiatives, she hopes to increase the visibility of UGBC by planning relevant initiatives that create a space for discussion on campus, she said.

“I am incredibly honored to be chosen as the new vice president of student initiatives,”she said in an email on Sunday afternoon. “Though the circumstances were unfortunate, I feel confident in stepping into this leadership role. The Executive Council, Student Initiatives, and all of UGBC have been very supportive and willing to help me transition back into the organization after being abroad, and I look forward to a productive and collaborative spring semester.”

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January 18, 2015

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