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TU/TD: Coffee and Darties

Thumbs Up

Fuel America – The Chocolate Bar is a prime location to get work done, convene after class, and go on semi-serious first dates. The coffee? Eh. But go down Comm. Ave., hang a left onto South St. and hang another left onto Chestnut Hill Ave., and you come to Fuel America, home of a richly brewed blend that really puts everything else around BC to shame. Not to mention the place has a great built-with-calloused-hands atmosphere, and catchy indie music looping in the background. We highly recommend it. We also advise avoiding it at two in the afternoon on a Saturday, because the place gets packed.

Eagles Without the Lines – Sneak in at the right time, and all of the terrific food at Eagles is at your disposal. A salad? A New England Classic? A build-your-own sandwich? There are no lines to trip you up. The power is so extraordinary that it might make your eyes bulge out. What is the right time? What we can tell you is that it’s not right after class, or right before class. So, good luck figuring out the rest.

Darties – We get to see our friends, and we get to have a good time, and drinking that much that early sets us up for a good night’s sleep. Because, let’s be real, it’s too cold at night anyway. And we don’t want to walk all over the map for parties that last for an hour and a half with a bunch of people we don’t know. Darties, they solve everything.


Thumbs Down

Darties – It’s hot, we can’t breathe, we can’t move—we’re the one throwing this party, damn it. By dinner time, we can barely keep our eyes open, and by 8 p.m., we’re already curled into bed with a hangover, and our body just doesn’t know how to process.

Walsh Fire Alarms – They are meant to keep us safe, we get that. But what they have been doing is shuffling us out at seven in the morning when we are trying to sleep, and at 10:30 at night on a Saturday when we are trying to have a good time. It’s not even like the fire alarms make any sense. In Walsh, the first five floors can clear, while the last three are left untouched. If the building is burning down, we would think being stuck on any floor would be a problem, but maybe not.

Lines At Lower – It has been a long day, and we just want to get a nice piece of grilled chicken before hitting the library. Of course, the line is four miles long, so, once again, we resign ourselves to a bowl of soup and salad, and cry quietly as we walk to Bapst.

January 21, 2015