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With “Sugar,” Maroon 5 Go Viral In Style

From the moment of engagement to the reception’s start, most brides-to-be can only hope their wedding days will be the best of their lives. Thanks to impromptu performances by American pop rock band Maroon 5 at various California weddings, however, a handful of Los Angeles lovers can say with confidence that their big day was truly one for the books.

Released on Jan. 14, the video for Maroon 5’s second single “Sugar” off of its newest album V features several wedding parties that receive a sweet surprise from lead singer Adam Levine and his band of merry men. An unplanned performance of sorts, the mini-concerts captured the wedding magic perfectly and put a positive spin on the term “wedding crashers.”

The video begins with Levine and pals—dressed to the nines in suits and bowties—piling into a car and setting out to film footage for their soon-to-be viral music video. “It’s December 6, 2014,” an excited Levine announces before explaining the basics of their mission. “It’s gonna be awesome.”

And “awesome” it is. The finished product is hilariously entertaining: a five-minute montage of unassuming guests, puzzled parents, and bewildered bridegrooms watching as the ballroom is transformed into a temporary stage. The sheer shock and surprise when the curtain drops and the wedding parties realize what the ruckus is all about is incredible. And the utter elation expressed during the spontaneous dance parties is pretty cool too.

With an ingenious concept and beautifully-shot scenes, Maroon 5’s “Sugar” video is the sweetest we’ve seen from this genre in a long time.

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January 28, 2015

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