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TU/TD: Super Bowl And Jokes

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Super Bowl Commercials – Some are good, some are bad, a lot are really bad, and a few are really good. However they play out, Super Bowl commercials are a hell of a lot of money (this year sees a 30-second spot priced at $4.5 million) and it’s always interesting to see what such a large group of people decide is worthy of the money. We’re kind of hoping for less Coca-Cola polar bears this year, and more Audi prom commercials. But, we’ll probably just get a lot of weird and misleading godaddy.com commercials instead.

Ted 2 Trailer – What looks like a hilarious return to form for Seth MacFarlane, Ted 2 released its first trailer earlier last week. We cannot wait to see the foul-mouthed antics of a teddy bear in a couple of months on the big screen. We only have one question: Where is Mila Kunis?

Louis CK – The man, the myth, the legend, dropped Louis CK Live At The Comedy Store last week for  five dollars online. In another solid hour of hilarious, nearly blasphemous level comedy, Louis CK really outdoes himself. The dude shows that he’s still very much in the prime, and he especially shows that he is not wasting any time.

Walking with Headphones – If there were ever a time when you felt like you’re in a movie, it’s when you’re walking across campus, hands in your pockets, and headphones in your ears. Suddenly, everyone else joins you in this adventure-of-sorts, this cross-campus drama. Action? Comedy? Romance? You decide what you want your movie to look like. All we know is that by choosing our soundtrack, we choose our genre.


Thumbs Down

Walking with headphones – Completely oblivious to everything else going on: that’s how we would describe you when you walk around with your headphones in. We try saying hi, but you just walk right on past. Do you know what you’re missing, when you have your headphones in? There’s so much going on out here—down to the very wind that passes over the grass. You don’t need another soundtrack on top of this. Listen to what’s going on, now. Save the music for later.

Midterms sneaking up – We’ve lost track of the days already, but it appears that midterms are some time kind of soon, aren’t they? We think so, but aren’t completely sure. It’s probably time to look at that syllabus, but that also takes more effort. I mean, we have all this other work to do, so there’s no way there’s a midterm, right? There’s no way we’ve learned that much already, right? Oh well, we just looked at our syllabus. Midterm is in three days. Great.

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February 1, 2015