Innovation Fund Gives Power To The Students
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Innovation Fund Gives Power To The Students

With the creation of the Innovation Fund and Taking Green Initiatives Fund, UGBC is taking positive steps to make funding more available to undergraduate students and organizations. Both funds will provide funding for specific events on top of the base funds that the SOFC is able to give to RSOs. While many regard UGBC, by general principle, as a source of advocacy for students, it is prudent to note that it is not able, by default, to advocate effectively for everyone, or for every situation, and similarly, is not always the most appropriate organization to do so. These funds provide the perfect opportunity for an alternate avenue to give students an incentive to come up with new ideas that can help improve the Boston College community.

If a student or organization wants to fund something, he or she or the organization currently has to apply through BC’s club platform, OrgSync, at least 21 days before acquiring desired funding. Applications are then reviewed by the Finance Committee of UGBC who can grant the desired funds two weeks later if the Student Assembly votes and approves them.

It is also a prudent step for UGBC to allow unregistered student organizations to apply for funding in order to finance their own events and speakers. This is especially important in light of the complaint that unregistered student organizations have limited rights on campus, as these funds would open up more funding opportunities for all students and groups.

These funds provide a unique chance for students to receive resources with which they can do good for the community. UGBC should be commended for beginning to set aside accessible funds for students who have a vision for the betterment of the community.

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February 4, 2015
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