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TU/TD: Hockey Works Out

 Thumbs Up

Working Out In The Morning – The sun isn’t even up and the Plex is practically empty. All of the machines are at our disposal, and there’s no line for the treadmill (finally, for God’s sake, finally). When the workout is over, there’s still a full day ahead of us, and now we’re up and ready to go through the unbelievable amount of work that we have. Take a shower, grab a coffee, and we’re on our way.

Working Out at Night – It has been a day from hell and we’re just looking to relax, but we know that we shouldn’t. The Plex is practically empty this late, and we’re all warmed up and ready to go for a workout. Time can be taken throughout the hour to think back on the day, and what we did right, and what we never want to do again. All of the energy and pent up energy out of us, we go and grab late night, and then chill out in our room before falling asleep, ready to wake up and take the next day on.

Women’s Hockey – If you haven’t gone to a BC women’s hockey game all year, you are missing out on something truly spectacular. The team is on a 27-game undefeated run, and it crushed Northeastern during the first round of the Beanpot. This team looks truly unstoppable, and it is up to us as the students to go and support a team while it continues to smash the competition.


Thumbs Down

Men’s Hockey – This is the BC men’s hockey team we are talking about. The team shows up to the Beanpot, where it has won for the past five years, and blows the first game to Northeastern. We expect more from our team. Let’s hope the boys come back in style (like we’re used to seeing them) when playing Harvard, because if they don’t, then there is so much more to get upset about.

Street Signs On Hammond Street Sidewalk – Seriously, who designed this sidewalk? There is already no space on the sidewalk, but when you throw in a street sign in the middle of travel, it makes two-way traffic impossible. Isn’t living on CoRo bad enough already?

Stomach Flu – With no warning, no notice, the BC Plague has become the BC Stomach Flu, and it is knocking down students left and right. We’ve heard that the infirmary is overflowing with patients, and this makes us nervous. So wash your hands. Make sure not to share drinks. Don’t touch anyone, ever. Wear gloves. Stay in your room. Close the blinds. Wrap yourself in your bed and only leave room for your eyes to look out so you can see if anyone is trying to get in the door that you blockaded.

Featured Image by Drew Hoo / Heights Editor

February 4, 2015

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