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News Briefs: Nursing School and Immigration

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Nursing School

The Connell School of Nursing (CSON) has added a new partner to its Global Summer University program. The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile will be joining two universities in Switzerland—Haute école de santé Vaud (HESAV) and LaSource—and CSON in its partnership.

The Chilean university, located in Santiago, is considered a top university in South America and will be added to the rotation of hosting the summer course. The three-credit global health course is four weeks long and will be open to students of the four participating universities.

Taught by faculty from each of the universities, the course is to examine healthcare policies and systems that are established in the United States, Switzerland, and Chile. While visiting the partnering schools, students will be able to learn about healthcare outside the classroom. While in Chile, students on the course will visit public and private hospitals, as well as a community healthcare center.

Fifteen BC students and five CSON faculty will travel to Lausanne, Switzerland, in June for the 2015 summer course.


The Boston College School of Social Work (BCSSW) is offering a hands on class that attempts to examine the controversy surrounding the immigration issue in the United States. Taught by BCSSW faculty, Services to Migrants: A Border Perspective focuses on documenting the experiences of migrants attempting to cross the border between Arizona and Mexico.

Twelve students spent two weeks interviewing migrants—some of whom were locked up in detainment facilities after unsuccessfully crossing the border—learning about their attempts to find better opportunities.

“BC has a long, distinct history of border visits devoted to cultural immersion and service,” Westy Egmont, one of the co-teachers and an advisor on immigration to five Massachusetts governors, told The Chronicle. “But this graduate course was different: Its emphasis was on understanding the systems of national protection and migrant intervention currently in place.”


February 9, 2015