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Sam Smith Croons His Way Into More Fluttering Hearts

British Pop sensation Sam Smith has certainly enjoyed an eventful week with his successful sweep at the 2015 Grammys. This viral music video has propelled him further into the public eye over the course of just a few short days. Released on Feb. 5, Smith unveiled the emotional music video for his next single, “Lay Me Down,” off of his debut LP In the Lonely Hour.

The video—an artistic take on gay marriage in a religious setting—features Smith himself standing before a church’s altar at what appears to be the funeral of a loved one. As the song progresses, however, the mood shifts drastically and the once-mournful congregation cheers in celebration as Smith and his previously-deceased partner exchange vows at their wedding. The juxtaposition of the two events is powerful, as the immediate shift from a dark and somber scene to one overflowing with elation is profoundly moving. Heavy at times and lighthearted at others, this video advocates for equality and love in a way that strikes a sentimental chord and encourages discussion about a much-disputed topic of today.

The video is beautifully produced and expertly executed. Smith’s signature soulful vocals stand out due to the music video’s simple concept and slow pace, while artistic elements and cinematography decisions create the drama necessary for captivating the attention and interest of the viewers.

This four minute, 10 second rollercoaster ride of emotion offers pop music fans the much needed dose of raw talent and genuine care for others that is so often absent in popular music today. A heartfelt and soothing piece that simultaneously serves as a public service announcement in support of the LGBTQ community, Smith’s “Lay Me Down” video proves why this four-time Grammy winner has gone from an up and coming artist to an unquestionably relevant one.

Featured Image Courtesy of Capital Records

February 12, 2015