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TU/TD: Security Guards And More Snow

Thumbs Up

Walsh Security Guards –  Kim, Cruz, and Melissa: the dream team. Having to swipe in each and every time we walk into Walsh is a huge pain, but having a short conversation with whoever is on duty makes things just a little bit better. Each have something great to say, and considering the amount of crap they put up with on the weekends—when Walsh no longer is Walsh, but becomes The Zoo (a disastrous fallout zone of people trying to force their way in to go to a Walsh wall-to-wall party thrown by someone they only vaguely know)—it is commendable that they keep showing up for work at all.

Empty Coffee Shops –  The snow keeps everyone locked inside, huddling for warmth. Or maybe the snow has just gotten people lazy. Empty coffee shops are the best way to take advantage of these many people on the street at the same time: No lines and empty tables can make one feel like they’re still in their own home.

Snow Globbing It – Fierce winds and light snow turns all of Boston College into a real-life snow globe. Walking around, we feel like we’re cutting through a scene in a Christmas movie, which distracts us from this weird three-days-in-a-row-similar-classes.


Thumbs Down

Doors Behind Lower – Every year, we hear rumors that they are going to be unlocked. Every year, this doesn’t happen. We are sick and tired of waiting at the back door for 10 minutes for someone to come open it. For a campus that needs work at accessibility, this is a place to start—it will take three seconds to fix the problem. Come on now, BC.

Still No Rhythm – This whole stop-and-go because of numerous snow days and delays has made getting into any sort of routine nearly impossible. We are just looking for some kind of routine so we can get a consistent sleep schedule and get all of our homework done. We know that the first wave of midterms will hit, and we need to be the most rested and prepared for this inevitability. But, seeing as that Boston is going to become the city lost under snow, we have no hopes to have any full week routines established anytime soon.

Slush – The annoying younger brother of the snowstorm that sticks around and never gives anyone a break.

Snow Being Taller Than Us – That’s the moment when you know that Mother Nature needs to chill out and watch some TV instead of working so hard.

February 12, 2015