TU/TD: Trying Just Enough And Too Hard
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TU/TD: Trying Just Enough And Too Hard

Thumbs Up

Getting The Printer Swipe on The First Try – Class is in exactly seven minutes. You’re making moves across the quad, getting the Maloney elevator just as it’s about to close. You’re taking the steps by two. Swinging a right through the door and there’s no line for the printer. A godsend. You pull your ID out and you get the swipe on the first try, loading the screen in an instant. The only better feeling than this is getting the USB into the port on the first try. Life’s good. You make it to class with the paper in hand, and 60 seconds to spare.

Your Roommates Still Being Up  – It’s been a long night. The test tomorrow isn’t looking so hot, and you’re trying to forget the fact that it’s worth 30 percent of your grade. You take the long, empty walk back to your dorm room, and it’s so damn cold out. You get back into your dorm, punch in your room code, and find all of your roommates are still up, chilling and lost in some deep conversation (maybe it’s about the creation of the universe, maybe it’s about whether eggs are better scrambled or over-easy) and you can fall right in without skipping a beat. Sure, that test is still tomorrow, and you should probably get to sleep already. But this—you don’t want to miss a moment of this.

Those People That Try Too Hard in Class – Keep doing you.


Thumbs Down

Those People That Try Too Hard in Class – Stop doing you.

Accepting The Fact That Half The Semester Is Already Over – College is a slow blur and it sucks that another semester is already halfway done. After spring break, things are only going to go faster.

Black Ice – When it gets warm, and the snow melts, everyone is happy to think that it’ll just go away. But, the next day, when it freezes, all hell breaks loose across campus.

Noise in Bapst – Ah, “Blank Space.” You’re moving, and you’re grooving, and things are good. You decide you need some quiet time to get that book read, so you unplug your headphones to put your laptop away. And as you realize what you’ve done, it happens: “Blank Space” is blaring out even though it’s set at the lowest volume, filling all of the top floor of Bapst, and suddenly it feels like the entire solar system is looking at you. You slam your laptop shut as a reflex, and there’s still that split second where it doesn’t go to sleep but is still playing very, very loud. You take out the reading and try to stop thinking about what has just happened, but it’s impossible. You’re wondering if everyone still hates you 20 minutes later, and then you decide to just get up and leave. The only silver lining is that you didn’t fart. You might have to consider transferring if that happened.

Featured Image by Arthur Bailin / Heights Editor


February 22, 2015
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